Cake Days

Cake days started while I was teaching in a tough school in Brighton – one afternoon after a particularly rough day a few of us decided to go for a coffee after work and it soon became a weekly tradition – we tried out lots of different coffee shops and it was a great way […]


Does a ‘perfect’ school exist?

What is a perfect school? Is there really such a thing? I’ve worked in lots of different schools both as a substitute teacher and as a member of staff and to be honest I think every school has lots of positives and some negatives too. I look back fondly on some of the schools I’ve […]


Weaving Well Being; A Review

I got these books from Outside the Box last year – they were sending sample books to schools. To be honest, it was near the end of the year so I didn’t even look at them and only spotted them the other day and I was delighted as they will be brilliant for some of […]


Planning time

I’m writing this blog post because I’ve received lots of messages from teachers wondering about how much time they should be spending on school work in the evenings or night time. I’ve also seen lots of comments from teachers who are spending all their evenings and weekends on work for school. Me I try to […]


What’s in my school bag?

I was asked to share what I bring in my school bag so I’m putting this quick post together. This is my bag – I bought it in Cath Kidston in Kildare Village last year and I love it. It is large enough to hold lots of bits and pieces and it has wheels so if […]


Teaching Packs; A review

I bought a Teaching Packs membership two years ago and thought it was brilliant. When my membership was up, I had just moved back to Ireland and had no job so decided to wait. Then when I started working, I forgot to renew my membership. I continued to follow ‘Teaching Ideas’ on Facebook and regularly […]


Times Tables Jenga

Today I made my own set of ‘Times Tables Jenga’. I was in Smyths last Friday picking up a birthday present when I wandered to the games aisle. I’ve been looking at buying Jenga for a while to make different games for use in the classroom but thought it was a bit too expensive. So […]


Working as a Resource Teacher; Planning

I’ve received a number of messages about the planning needed for resource teaching – to be 100% honest I’ve heard 10 different answers and I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. So this blogpost is about how I do my planning.

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