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Making your Timetable (Resource Teacher)

Making a timetable for resource can be tricky. The resource hour allocations were cut by 15% a few years ago. I find it best to work in minutes rather than hours so I’ve made this table which you might find helpful. It includes the new allocations (-15%) and the minutes that the child is entitled […]

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I had lots of different copies last year and by the end of the year there were a few that had very little in them. Literacy We call the copies ‘Personal Writing’ – which includes all the writing genres – stories, recounts, procedures, explanation as well as the childrens response to stories/poems etc. ‘Functional Writing’ which […]

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Class Teacher Observation

If you are working as a resource teacher this year, you will need to complete an IEP for each child you are working with. When completing the IEP you will need to speak to the child’s parents, the class teacher and the child (if appropriate). After two to three weeks, I usually give the class […]

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Working Memory

I remember hearing about working memory during Developmental Education lectures in college but didn’t really understand what it meant. Children who have difficulties with their short term/ working memory may; be unable to follow 2/3 instructions together have forgotten what they were meant to do when they need to work independently easily distracted lose their […]

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Social Stories

I wrote these social stories when I was working as a resource teacher 2 years ago. Social stories are great when teaching children how to behave in different situations. I usually write these with the child so each child has a slightly different version that best suits there needs. These social stories include; Listening to […]

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Growth Mindset – Olympians

I spent the evening down in Dun Laoghaire celebrating the homecoming of Annalise Murphy – the olympic silver medallist. Growth mindset is something I used a lot in my classroom last year and is a huge skill for children to learn. It’s important for children and adults to realise that we will experience failure and […]

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Social Media and the Classroom

In recent years there has been a huge amount of schools/ classes setting up blogs and social media accounts. I have worked in different schools that used social media in different ways. I was asked to write this blog post about the advantages and also some things to consider. Advantages Blogposts/Updates on Facebook/Twitter about what is […]

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IPT and 2016/2017

The school year is fast approaching so I decided to have a think about the blog and the next 12 months. First things first, I am so delighted that the blog is continuing to grow from strength to strength with over 35,000 views in less than a week along with a following of over 15,000 […]

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Some maths equipment for the Resource Room

I try to have lots of different concrete materials in the resource room for Maths. This makes the learning more enjoyable and fun for the children. Many children learn best when they are doing hands on activities but these materials can be very expensive. Most of the items I use are inexpensive and some are […]

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My Desk Essentials

A follower recently asked about my desk essentials so this blog post will detail some of my favourites. As a stationery addict, I have way too much of everything – I like to have one of everything and have boxes filled with pencils and pens.

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