When we return to school, I’m sure there will be tons of questions about the storm so here are some ideas for weather themed lessons. Climate in Ireland Ireland has a temperate climate. This means that the winters are mild, the summers have moderate heat and sunshine and there is plentiful rain all year round. […]

Plan for Maths Week 2017

I’ve decided to fully embrace Maths week this year so most of the lessons this week will be Maths related. We have a Maths Committee in school, so we put together lots of ideas that can be used by all the teachers and each member of the committee is looking after a certain area from […]

Week 6

2 weeks to mid-term; not that I’m counting! Just a quick overview of what worked well this week/ things we enjoyed. Literacy In Literacy, we covered procedure writing. We began on Monday with stations – these included; How to make a cup of tea (independent writing) How to make a ham sandwich (independent writing) How […]


I can’t believe it’s October already. September was a very busy month for me. I have to be honest and admit that it took me a good few weeks to get used to being back in the classroom; I had forgotten/blocked out the memories of corrections and photocopying and laminating and being really organised so […]

Table Boards from ABC School Supplies

I recently spotted these table boards from ABC School Supplies and thought they would be great to use for quick recall of multiples and tables. ABC School Supplies kindly sent me a set for my classroom and we’ve been using them a lot this week.

Worry Plaque from the Irish Fairy Door Company

I was delighted when I was contacted by the Irish Fairy Door Company about their worry plaque and was even more thrilled to receive my very own Worry Plaque in the post. Here are my thoughts about the worry plaque and why I would definitely recommend one for the classroom.

Problem Solving; Brainteasers, Riddles and more

I’m planning on introducing a problem solving session each day. This will be a 10 minute session after break or lunch so here are some of the problems/riddles/brainteasers that I’ll be using. I think this session will be great to get children focused after the yard and to develop problem solving skills. The children can […]

Week 3 – a quick review

It’s Friday – at last. I’m feeling very tired and can’t wait for an early night and a lie in tomorrow morning. This week went quickly and we did lots of fun lessons. Here are some that worked well. Literacy We’ve started literacy stations/team teaching with the new special ed model. The teacher that works […]


Ireland is a massive section in the Geography curriculum so this blogpost is just putting some useful links/ideas together covering different sections of Ireland. Counties of Ireland Counties of Ireland Poem – children can learn this poem and they will know the counties in each province. There is a great beat to this poem so they […]

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