Holidays; Brighton

I lived in Brighton for almost a year and it definitely holds a very special place in my heart. It is such a brilliant city – so different from anywhere else I’ve been – its a very accepting place and everything goes. When living there, it took a while to get used to but now […]


Thematic Teaching – Halloween

Just one week left before mid – term. I’m sitting here with a sore throat counting the days til we’re off. I’m exhausted – are you? Anyway – next week is a great chance to do lots of thematic teaching about Halloween so here are some ideas!


5 things I love about teaching

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I love teaching but as we all know there are good days and there are difficult and challenging days too. Teaching isn’t a 9-5 job, teachers are constantly thinking about school, their classrooms, things that aren’t working, things that could work, and of course ‘their kids’. We […]


Holidays; Italy

Holidays are definitely one of the perks of being a teacher. When I was coming back from a holiday last year I thought about setting up a travel blog – then realised that IPT already took up so much time so I wouldn’t be able to run a second blog too. I’m going to do […]


What does a teacher do?

Theres so much talk about the ‘bold’ teachers – only back from their holidays and planning a strike – how dare they – sure they only work half days and get loads of time off during the year! I suppose I’m writing this post out of frustration as I’m fed up with this media spin […]


Comprehension Box from Prim Ed

I was delighted to receive the Comprehension Box from Prim Ed Publishing yesterday. There are 3 boxes available; Box 1; Age 7 – 8+ Box 2; Age 8 – 10+ (as reviewed below) Box 3; Age 11 + Whats in the box? Comprehension Cards – short story and questions (back to back) Answer cards Teachers […]


Tradtime – FREE Music Software for Schools

I recently spotted a competition on Facebook by a company ‘Tradtime’ and I was intrigued. I got in contact with Tradtime and they agreed to set up an account for me so I could review the site and software. Tradtime You can visit the Tradtime site here.


Mind Maps – Tony Buzan

I’ve used Mind Maps/ Brainstorms since I was in secondary school – I found they helped me with studying and having all the information on the page was great for revision purposes too. When planning I always use a mind map and when thinking of ideas for blogposts I do the same. While reading some […]


Music; Singing

Song Singing falls under the Performing strand of the music curriculum. I think its one of the easier strands to teach but at times it can be difficult to think of suitable songs to teach. I’m hoping to share a list of songs that I enjoy teaching below – if you have any more to […]

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