Job Applications and Interviews (Webinar Series)

Hi everyone, Over the past week, I’ve hosted 5 webinars supporting teachers with Job advertisements, the Standard Application Form, utilising a school website to use relevant information in your application form and a live question and answer session on all things job applications. Last week, I wanted to be sure everything ran smoothly with Zoom […]

A look back on this year for teachers

Hi everyone, I’ve just put this resource together as a way to keep track of everything you do/take part in or contribute to in your school. As teachers, we do so much more than teaching but at the end of the school year we might forget the different initiatives we took part in, the extra […]

Teaching in an Educate Together School (Guest Blog Post)

Hi everyone!  My name is Ciara (@ciarasclassroom on Instagram) and I am a primary school teacher who is passionate about multi-denominational, inclusive education in Ireland. In this guest blog post, I am going to be telling you a bit about my experience of working as a teacher in Educate Together schools and will be answering […]

Teachers on Instagram

Hello everyone, in this post you’ll find lots of different teachers who run Instagram pages sharing what’s working for them in their classrooms. I’ve put them in class groups and subject/areas that they post a lot about. Hopefully you’ll find lots of useful ideas – just click the photo to be brought to the instagram […]

Stationery Shops

Hi everyone, As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to support small/medium Irish businesses during school closures and as a stationery addict I wanted to create a post with some of my favourite Irish stationery shops and I’ve also included some recommendations from other teachers. This post might be helpful in August if you need new stationery […]

Supporting small business

Hi everyone, Since the lockdown, I’ve been trying to buy something from a small/medium Irish business every few weeks. None of these are sponsored etc but just wanted to share what I’ve bought to promote these businesses and maybe you’ll see something you like too. I’ll be adding to the list every week too so […]

Planning maths in a multi class setting (Guest blogpost)

This is the next post in the series of guest blogposts. Today’s post is written by ‘Mála an mhuinteora’ where she shares how she plans for maths and why along with some tips for distance learning. Planning in a Multi-class setting My first foray into the world of planning happened on teaching practice and for […]

Writing School Reports – During school closures

This is probably the most requested blogpost at the moment as many teachers struggle with report writing during school closures. Generally reports are written in late May/early June and then sent to parents in mid June after we have taught the children for 9 months. This year however, school closed (quite suddenly) on 12th March […]

Spellings for Me – Individualised Spelling Programme

I’ve been using Spellings for Me with my class since last November and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Spellings for Me is an individualised spellings programme designed by two primary school teachers (Patrick Grace and Emma Doherty) with experience in both mainstream and support positions. The programme has both an online and offline element […]

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