Parent Teacher Meetings; Tricky Questions/Problems

Parent Teacher Meetings are a great chance to meet the parents of the children in your class. The majority of meetings go smoothly and as expected, however sometimes you might get thrown an unexpected curveball. Here are some of tricky questions/problems and sample answers that might help – obviously they will need to be changed/altered […]

Parent Teacher Meetings

The time for parent teacher meetings is fast approaching – ours will be held in 2 weeks time. I find parent teacher meetings are often very enlightening and help you to better understand some of the children you’re working with this year. They can also be a stressful time for teachers as they do require […]

Irish Primary Teacher Planner

I went to school last week and I couldn’t find the planner I got at a launch night for new school books last April. While procrastinating and avoiding the endless to do list for organising myself for school I started making my own planner including everything I thought might be useful. In the past I’ve […]

Working as a Resource Teacher; Meeting with Parents

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been meeting with parents of the children I’ll be working with this year. A meeting at the beginning of the year is really beneficial to find out about the children who will be attending resource. This gives parents an opportunity to meet you, ask questions and share important information […]

Week 1; Working as a Resource Teacher

We returned to school last Monday – no children just meetings, classroom set up and handover of information. The children arrived on Tuesday and by Friday I was exhausted. Overall it was a successful week, we did a lot of setting up in the resource rooms, organising resources for the children we would be working […]

Class Dojo; my thoughts

I’ve been using Class Dojo for the last few years and really think its brilliant for classroom management. I use it for rewarding children for working hard, being persistent, showing kindness, group work, being ‘on task’ etc. How I used it previous years; I rewarded children 1/2 points for a variety of different reasons (see above). […]