Comhrá Speech Bubbles

I’ve been putting these comhrá speech bubbles together for each theme as Gaeilge for the last few months. The following themes are completed – Mé Féin, Sa Bhaile, Ar Scoil, Éadaí, Caitheamh Aimsire, An Teilifís. I find the speech bubbles are brilliant for practising key phrases and vocabulary in a real and meaningful way, they […]

Guest Blogpost: Job Sharing and Working as a Dramatherapist

Hello fellow teachers,My name is Clair (teacherturnedtherapist) and I have been teaching for the past 7 years. View this post on Instagram One of my favourite presents this Christmas! Inside Out Teddies… I will use them in Dramatherapy sessions to show the personification of the feelings and emotions that every person experiences at some stage […]

Fitness Tracker Maths

I don’t know about you but my class are obsessed with fitness trackers – many of the children got a Fitbit or other device for Christmas and they are constantly checking their steps, comparing with other children, trying to beat their steps from the day before etc. so I decided to use their interest and […]

Guest Blogpost; Meaningful vs. Rote Learning

In todays school curriculum and for many years previous there has been huge emphasis on Rote learning in core subjects of school life such as Maths, Irish and English. As an Early Years education graduate this form of learning is bewildering to me as we were trained in practical life meaningful experiences. Rote learning is […]

Adding/Subtracting Decimals – Shopping Receipts

I’ve put together a set of shopping receipts for adding/subtracting decimals for my class. I like to have a real life focus when completing maths tasks as I find these make much more sense and the children are interested in the content too. Set 1: Find the total and calculate the change. (Adding and subtracting […]

Teacher Stress

I totally get it! Teachers are stressed – hopefully not too bad now after the Christmas holidays but teaching can be an extremely testing and stressful job. There seems to be constant demands and expectations, never ending to do lists and your best is not always good enough. I’m writing this blogpost as I’m seeing […]

January Sales – Real Life Maths

Over the Christmas holidays, I decided to make a new resource for my class for the first week back. This will be a chance for them to revise concepts such as decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, percentages and fractions and money.

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