Setting up your classroom

This blog post was written last year when I was setting up my classroom for 3rd class. I spent some time at the beginning of the summer holidays and last Friday setting up my classroom. Its not perfect but I’m happy with the results so far.

Planning for NQT’s

  Planning is a vital part of being a teacher. Planning and Preparation is one of the criteria for successful completion of your NQT year therefore it is very important.

The First Day

This blogpost was written last year. So what do you do that first day? I’m going to break the day into 3 chunks – Morning, After Break, After lunch.

Timeline of Me

A nice activity for the start of the year/tie in with History (My Family). Children fill in key events in their life e.g. born, 1st birthday, when new brother/sister was born, holiday, starting school, winning a medal, etc.  

Shield – Myself

  This is a lovely activity/lesson for the start of the school year. It builds up children self esteem and confidence in themselves and their talents and achievements. Spend the first 2-3 minutes talking about talents – what are they and let each child share one of their talents. Children are then given a shield […]

Literacy Weekly Overview

  I have had a number of messages from people looking for advice on how to fit everything in Literacy. There are 5 hours allocated to Literacy so roughly 1 hour per day. The strands are; Oral Language Reading Writing

Let them drink WATER

  I posted a picture of a water bottle on my Facebook page yesterday   I was delighted to see the majority of people agree that children should be allowed to drink water during lessons/activities and not have to ask for permission. I’m currently on a mission to drink more water myself and therefore would […]

History; Interview parents/grandparents

I linked this homework activity to the strand unit – Family. The objectives are for children to; explore aspects of personal family history examine changes and continuity in the lives of grandparents and parents collect and use a range of simple historical evidence Children bring the questions home and ask their parents 3 questions based […]

Week 1 with 3rd Class

I wrote this blogpost last year after my first week with 3rd class. I survived – woohoo! Week 1 complete – oh my goodness I’m exhausted! So what did we do/learn this week? I spent the week getting to know the children – we spent a lot of time learning classroom procedures, laying out our […]

The Perfect Page

This is a really important procedure to teach at the beginning of the year. Teaching children how to layout their copy – both writing and maths is very important. By setting the expectation from the beginning children know what is expected. For the perfect page – I use a spare copy and have 1 sheet […]

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