The role of a resource teacher

  Whether you’re an NQT or an experienced teacher doing resource for the first time can be quite daunting. Unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount of time spend on working with children with additional needs in teacher training college. We had a lecture (which you could opt into – it was not compulsory) once a […]

Transition Activities

  So by now you probably know your new class for next year and will be meeting them before the end of term. Here are some ideas to get to know your new class and to ease any anxiety the children may feel about a new teacher.

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Observation Week

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Observation Week This is a great week to get to know the class procedures, friendship groups, classroom management techniques and the daily structure. It gives you the chance to see how the teacher questions, motivates and inspires the children, assesses learning, differentiates and includes all children.

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Meeting the Class Teacher

If possible, try to meet the class teacher before you meet the class/ your observation week. This will give you the chance to ask questions, see the classroom, learn about the children you will be working with. Try to schedule this brief meeting for outside teaching time so the teacher will have enough time to […]

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Planning

Once you have completed your observation week you now have a better idea of the children you will be working with, some of their interests and this should be central to your planning. If the children are interested they will be motivated to work hard and behave well.

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