Surviving the Dip; Part 1

‘Have you got anything for September?’, ‘I got offered a job the other day.’ ‘That’s great, at least you’ll get your Dip started’. The Dip; two words that cause a sense of fear and confusion. Ever since day one of college people have been talking about this famous ‘Dip’. Still to this day its relevance […]

What does a teacher do?

Theres so much talk about the ‘bold’ teachers – only back from their holidays and planning a strike – how dare they – sure they only work half days and get loads of time off during the year! I suppose I’m writing this post out of frustration as I’m fed up with this media spin […]

A Day in the Life; Senior Infants

A Little Background: I teach Senior Infants in a DEIS band 1 School in Dublin. We are a Junior School, Early Start to 2nd Class. It is a mixed school with a significant number of EAL and traveller children. I am an NQT in my second year of teaching, and completed my DIP in January. […]

A Day in the Life; Special Ed

I currently work as a Special Class Teacher in a Special Class for children with mild and moderate learning difficulties on the north side of Dublin. The school is a Senior Girls school and in this class I teach 11 girls with varying levels of ability as well as very levels of curricular accessibility and […]

A Day in the Life

Planning on doing a series of ‘A Day in the Life’ posts where teachers working in different roles write about a typical day and share tips and challenges. This will give us all the opportunity to learn a bit about different roles in the teaching profession. These posts can be published anonymously.