The Marrog

The Marrog is a fantastic poem by R.C. Scriven that we have been looking at over the last few days. Here are some activities that we used and some that I plan to use with the Marrog as inspiration. Rhyming words The children can write a list of all the rhyming words in the poem. […]

Christmas Plays

I have a ‘rule’ that Christmas cannot be spoken about until after my birthday which is the end of November. However, I’ve received countless emails and Facebook messages about Christmas plays and concerts from teachers so I’m writing this post to share some tips and ideas that have worked well for me!

Drama- Jack and the Beanstalk (Junior infants – 2nd class)

Read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.Get the children to imagine they are film directors and divide the story into scenes. Jack getting the magic beans, mum isn’t happy Jack planting the beans, going to bed and waking up next morning to see a giant beanstalk Jack climbing up the beanstalk and looking around […]