Teaching Music

  Music is one of my favourite subjects to teach. I love to start the day with a chant/song as it focuses the children and is a nice way to begin the day. My favourite song for the morning is Abeeyo. (A Welcome Song)¬†music here Leader; Abeeyo¬† Group; Abeeyo Leader; Abeeyo Group; Abeeyo Leader; Abeeyo […]

Book Review; Primary Art (Diane Sterrett)

Art has never been my strong point – I struggled with drawing stick figures! I often use pinterest for ideas and have built up a number of good lessons! I saw this book in a colleagues room a couple of weeks ago and really like it! The book is very well laid out with lesson […]

Easter Art Ideas

It has been a crazy few weeks in terms of holidays – Valentines Day, Mothers Day and St. Patricks Day were all very close together. Easter holidays are now looming and everyone is looking forward to a much deserved break.Here are some art ideas that could be used this week; Shaving Cream Eggs (This looks […]

Mothers Day Crafts

Mothers Day is just around the corner. This can be a difficult time for some children so remember to be sensitive. Some ideas- I just wrote a blog post about St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks – there is also a heart version of this from Sugar Bee Crafts. I love you Mam because….This is a simple but […]

St. Patricks Day- Paper Shamrocks

Saw this idea on Sugar Bee Crafts and had to try it out. It was very easy to do and I linked it with Length in Maths. It can be done in whatever colours you like – we choose green and orange. The children really enjoyed making them! MaterialsCard/ Good quality paperPaper guillotine/ ScissorsStapler and Staples(Ruler, […]

Valentines Day Crafts

This is from Activity Village Theres thousands of fantastic ideas for Valentines crafts and activities online but instead of trawling countless websites I’ve decided to put a few links and ideas I have used that work well together in a blog post. My all time favourite is ‘A Little Box of Love’ This is a […]


Art isn’t my strong point so when I first saw a teacher at school making these I never thought I’d be able to do it. However, they aren’t as difficult as they look. You need;6 sheets of paperScissorsStaplerSellotape First you need to make your a4 paper into squares. Fold one corner over to opposite side […]

Salt Dough Decorations

Last week we made Salt Dough Decorations – the recipe is very easy and excellent for children who need extra support with gross motor and fine motor skills. The ingredients; 300g of plain flour300g of salt200ml of water1 teaspoon of oil Measure the plain flour (integration with maths) and salt into a bowl. Add the […]

Cup Song

Tutorial videoI love the Cup Song and have used it ever since it first came out in the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s fantastic for many different musical concepts. I use these cups from IKEA. The above video shows you how to do the cup song. I teach the following sequence; Clap Clap Tap Tap Tap (on […]

Paper weaving – art lesson

This is a really easy Art lesson which is fun and requires minimal resources. Materials needed; Pencil Ruler Scissors 2 sheets of paper Glue  Children need to get 2 pieces of paper (sugar paper works well.) 1. Fold one piece in half. 2. Using a ruler, draw a line down. 3. Next cut from the […]