Book Review; Primary Art (Diane Sterrett)

Art has never been my strong point – I struggled with drawing stick figures! I often use pinterest for ideas and have built up a number of good lessons! I saw this book in a colleagues room a couple of weeks ago and really like it! The book is very well laid out with lesson […]

Easter Art Ideas

It has been a crazy few weeks in terms of holidays – Valentines Day, Mothers Day and St. Patricks Day were all very close together. Easter holidays are now looming and everyone is looking forward to a much deserved break.Here are some art ideas that could be used this week; Shaving Cream Eggs (This looks […]

Mothers Day Crafts

Mothers Day is just around the corner. This can be a difficult time for some children so remember to be sensitive. Some ideas- I just wrote a blog post about St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks – there is also a heart version of this from Sugar Bee Crafts. I love you Mam because….This is a simple but […]

St. Patricks Day- Paper Shamrocks

Saw this idea on Sugar Bee Crafts and had to try it out. It was very easy to do and I linked it with Length in Maths. It can be done in whatever colours you like – we choose green and orange. The children really enjoyed making them! MaterialsCard/ Good quality paperPaper guillotine/ ScissorsStapler and Staples(Ruler, […]

Valentines Day Crafts

This is from Activity Village Theres thousands of fantastic ideas for Valentines crafts and activities online but instead of trawling countless websites I’ve decided to put a few links and ideas I have used that work well together in a blog post. My all time favourite is ‘A Little Box of Love’ This is a […]


Art isn’t my strong point so when I first saw a teacher at school making these I never thought I’d be able to do it. However, they aren’t as difficult as they look. You need;6 sheets of paperScissorsStaplerSellotape First you need to make your a4 paper into squares. Fold one corner over to opposite side […]

Salt Dough Decorations

Last week we made Salt Dough Decorations – the recipe is very easy and excellent for children who need extra support with gross motor and fine motor skills. The ingredients; 300g of plain flour300g of salt200ml of water1 teaspoon of oil Measure the plain flour (integration with maths) and salt into a bowl. Add the […]

Cup Song

Tutorial videoI love the Cup Song and have used it ever since it first came out in the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s fantastic for many different musical concepts. I use these cups from IKEA. The above video shows you how to do the cup song. I teach the following sequence; Clap Clap Tap Tap Tap (on […]

Paper weaving – art lesson

This is a really easy Art lesson which is fun and requires minimal resources. Materials needed; Pencil Ruler Scissors 2 sheets of paper Glue  Children need to get 2 pieces of paper (sugar paper works well.) 1. Fold one piece in half. 2. Using a ruler, draw a line down. 3. Next cut from the […]

Drama- Jack and the Beanstalk (Junior infants – 2nd class)

Read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.Get the children to imagine they are film directors and divide the story into scenes. Jack getting the magic beans, mum isn’t happy Jack planting the beans, going to bed and waking up next morning to see a giant beanstalk Jack climbing up the beanstalk and looking around […]