Visual Timetables

A visual timetable is an essential resource for every classroom. It helps children to know what will happen during the day and is particularly important for children with anxiety or ASD. It helps to develop the concept of time too. It helps put a structure on the day and builds children’s independence. (They don’t constantly […]

Group Names

Spent a few hours today making Group Names for display in the classroom. There is a selection of different names for behaviour management, reading, maths groups etc. I have made this in black and white – this is to cater for those who don’t have a coloured printer (myself included) – all you need to […]

My Trip to Mr. Price

Mr. Price is one of my favourite shops for teaching supplies. I took a slight detour on the way home today to pick up a few bits and pieces for next year. I wanted baskets to store copies in next year so I found these two.  I thought these were a bit big…  So much […]

My Ikea Haul

Ok so by now you are probably aware of my obsession with IKEA. It’s coming to the end of term and things are beginning to wind down a little in school. I’ve decided to try and get myself fairly organised for September ASAP – this is mainly because I will be doing July Provision, moving […]

End of the year activities

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Here are some ideas for the last week; 1. Letter writingGet the children to write letters about you as a teacher to your future students. They can write tips for surviving a year with Ms. X. (Things you like/dislike, what they can look forward to etc.) […]

Being sick- the show must go on!

So I’m writing this post from my sick bed and of course worrying about going back to school. Teachers often feel they have to go to school even when very sick because the children in our care depend on us and will find the day difficult without us. For me, this usually means that I […]

Wonder Wall

(Ideas School Network) Children are full of questions unfortunately there’s not enough hours in the day to get through them all. Therefore I create a wonder wall. If a child has a question he/she gets a piece of paper (already cut out- coloured- makes for a better display). They write their question on a piece […]

School Tour

School tours are great fun but can be very daunting for new and even more experienced teachers. These tips will help make the trip less stressful. Find a place- usually tours are linked to the curriculum. There’s lots of options throughout the country from farms to galleries and museums to adventure parks. (Check price and […]


Most classrooms have at least 3/4 noticeboards. This is a quick post about how to make useful displays and what to include on them.  Fade proof paper – this is very effective and costs about 7 euro a roll. Get another adult to help you to measure and cut it then staple it down (open […]

I’m finished… what now?

So you set a piece of work and while moving around the room helping individual children you notice 3/4 who have finished their work and are beginning to get a little restless. You had planned that the work would take them the allocated time but unfortunately you were wrong and you have nothing else prepared […]