Surviving the Dip; Part 2

Paperwork Having finally settled back into school after Christmas, its feels like I was never away! The same stories, antics and tales keep me on my toes. With one visit down I’m still waiting on the final one which means one thing… constant piles of paperwork and printing. Every time I seem to go near […]

Confessions of a TP Student; Part 3

The One Where the Inspector is Missing Inspections. The cross we student teachers must bear. The hour or so of your life that will define you as a number or grade on your CV forever more. The time when you hope to put in an Oscar worthy performance with the best students in a well-resourced […]

Confessions of a TP Student; Part 2

The One Where You Try to Fit In The beginning of every placement block comes with a period of observation. In this case, students were given one week to observe, complete a report to show they can link all the theory picked up from the webinars that provided background entertainment while having dinner, and the […]

Guest Bloggers

As something new for 2017 I’m hoping to have some guest bloggers for Irish Primary Teacher. This blogpost is just a quick explanation about it.