Sample Interview Answers

Here are some sample interview answers – you will need to put your personal twist on them but this is how I would answer… What would you say is your best quality as a teacher? For me, my enthusiasm is my best quality as a teacher. This enthusiasm inspires and motivates the children to be […]

Gaeilge Questions for Interview – Sample Answers

Hey everyone, I’ve received a few messages from people looking for some sample Gaeilge answers for an interview. I have just selected 4 of the most common questions – if you have a specific question – please email me or pm me on Facebook and I can do a sample answer for that too. An bhfuil suim […]

Preparing for an interview

Woohoo – you’ve just received a call/email or letter inviting you to interview. Well done! Now how do you prepare? What type of questions will be asked? How many people will be there? What do I wear? Click here for my list of Interview Questions. How many people? Usually there are 3 people – the principal, […]

Interview Questions

All about you Tell me about yourself What experience do you have? What have you done since graduating? What is your teaching philosophy? Why did you decide to become a teacher? What does a good teacher look like? What does an effective teacher do? What is the difference between a good teacher and a great […]

Letter of Application – tips and sample!

I’ve received a few messages asking about what to include in the letter of application.Personally, I give some key points that make me a suitable candidate for the role. The letter of application is the first thing that the selection board will see and therefore you need to stand out and make them interested in […]

Job Applications

It’s that time of year… job advertisements are beginning to appear on Education Posts. When I first qualified I was desperate to find a job and I applied for approximately 1300 jobs. (Yes I know this seems completely ridiculous – but I was desperate) I applied for jobs in every county in Ireland and realistically I […]

Moving to the U.K. to teach

With the current lack of jobs in Ireland (hopefully going to improve this year), the U.K. may be a good place to move if you are looking for work. Here are some tips and ideas that I picked up when I moved over a year ago. Pick a place – I know this may sound […]

What do I need when applying for jobs?

In the coming weeks, jobs will start to be advertised for the next school year – now is the time to get things ready for applying. 1. Teaching Council RegistrationRegistration with Teaching CouncilYou must be registered with the teaching council before working in an Irish primary school. Without registration you will not be paid by […]

Training in U.K.? What do you need to teach in Ireland?

Once you have completed your teacher training in the U.K. You will need to complete a certificate in religious education (if you wish to teach in a Catholic Primary School) and an Irish qualification. These can both be completed while you are working. Certificate in Religious EducationThis programme can be completed part time with Mary […]