Free writing

Writing is a huge part of the curriculum. Some children love writing stories and others often don’t know where to start. There is so many different things to think of when a child sits down to write; Capital letters;  at the start of the sentence, for peoples names, for I, for place names Full stops, exclamation marks, questions […]

Language Box

  While working in my first job as a shared learning support/resource teacher I created a language box using a variety of different resources. I spent hours cutting, laminating, organising and labelling the resources. The following year, I got a job as a mainstream teacher and didn’t use the language box at all so when […]

Some ideas for a reading lesson

Reading lessons can be hard to make interesting and enjoyable for children. Reading a story and then answering written comprehension questions or completing written activities is boring. This blog post is to share some ideas for reading lessons.

Procedural Writing – A Love Potion

Valentines Day is next Sunday so I decided to link my procedural writing for February with the theme of love. We covered procedural writing last October and the children loved creating spells to turn me into a toad.

Reading Groups

I’ve received a number of messages asking how I set up reading groups in my classroom so here is a quick overview. I have divided my class into four groups based on ability (I based this on teacher observation and the children are aware that the groups are not fixed – I call children by […]

Using Balls to support maths, language and social skills

I have a collection of 4 balls in my room which I use for a variety of games and to develop different skills.  I mainly use this ball for developing gross motor skills – it is very big and bouncy so it’s great for throwing and catching or bouncing and catching  with a partner. It […]

School Tour – Recount Template

Yesterday we went on our school tour! It was a very busy day and the children had a great time. To settle back into work this morning, I created a ‘My School Tour’ planning page for recount writing. It is divided into 7 boxes Where did you go? How did you get there? How long did […]

Oral Language Activity – And then…

I use this simple strategy to develop oral language skills and encourage children to use their imagination. Children work in groups of 4/5 to create a story. Child 1 starts with a simple sentence; Once upon a time two boys and their dog were walking in the woods and then… Child 2; The dog ran […]