Structure of a Maths lesson

With over 100 likes on my post ‘Structure of an Irish lesson’ – I’ve decided to do a series with ideas for each subject. Next up is Maths. Maths is probably one of my favourite subjects to teach. I love to see the ‘lightbulb’ moment especially when children have a fear about a new topic/ […]

Teaching Fractions (3rd Class)

Some strategies for teaching fractions! Paper Folding I showed the children a piece of A4 paper and asked ‘I fold this page into two pieces. What is each piece called?’ Most children knew – half. So I asked how do you write ‘half’ and a child came to the board and wrote half. I then […]

Ideas for Maths Week (2015)

I’ve received a number of messages from people looking for some ideas for Maths Week 2015. Maths Week will take place from 10th – 18th October. You can find lots of information here.

Differentiation in a Maths lesson

We started learning subtraction (with renaming) yesterday. I revised the concept and we did lots of examples on the IWB however when the children went to work independently many struggled to answer the questions. Image Source

Maths Box

This is a quick post about my ‘Maths Box’. This is simply a box where I keep most of my Maths resources including loop cards, problem solving, challenge cards etc. The Maths Box is used at least 2-3 times a week in different ways. Mental maths starter – loop cards (times tables, length etc.) Early […]

Using Balls to support maths, language and social skills

I have a collection of 4 balls in my room which I use for a variety of games and to develop different skills.  I mainly use this ball for developing gross motor skills – it is very big and bouncy so it’s great for throwing and catching or bouncing and catching  with a partner. It […]

Quick and Easy Maths Display

I made this display this morning. The numbers can be printed in A4 or A5 from twinkl. I printed them on coloured paper and then laminated them.  I then typed out a list of activities/questions – stuck them on card and laminated these too! You can make it as easy or as difficult as you […]

Dice – Maths Games

So I went to Tiger today and couldn’t resist some of the wonderful products they have for sale! I bought these dice for 2 euro and cannot wait to use them for Maths! Some ideas; Number recognition (1 dice) Roll the dice  What’s your number? What comes next? What comes before? What is 2 more? 2 […]

Mental Maths Activities

Mental Maths is a vital component of a good maths lesson. Children need to be able to calculate in their head and use different strategies to answer the same question. Daily practice is extremely important for all children from junior infants to 6th class. I always do Mental Maths at the start of the day […]

Visual Aids for Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division can be difficult for children to understand. Today I decided to make it as practical as possible. I gave the children a question; 28/4 = The children then counted out 28 cubes and shared these with 4 of the children (using the sheet below). They then answered the question (7). The children […]