Teaching Division – Using Concrete Materials

From junior infants to second class children use concrete materials when learning new mathematical concepts. From 3rd upwards, children don’t get to use these materials as much. Maths should always be taught using; Concrete materials – pictorial  and finally abstract.  Here are some concrete materials that you can use.  I recently bought buttons and containers […]

Board Games for Learning Tables

I’m always looking for fun ways to help children to learn their tables. Tables are essential for many math concepts. I have created board games- one for each times table. They can be used in pairs. Simply print and laminate a set of them. You can download them here (only €2!) Rules Children can get a set […]

Partitioning and Place Value

Place value is an area that children can find very difficult. However, by teaching children to partition, it helps them to understand it better. Ask children to write given numbers and then to write the given numbers in expanded form.45 = 40 + 572 = 70 + 291 = 90 + 1 326 = 300 […]

Teaching Time

Ahhh! Time is perhaps one of the trickiest things to teach. They just don’t get it! No matter how many wonderful resources you create, how many hours you spend finding things on twinkl or sparklebox or seomra ranga after day 2 you are ready to scream… or maybe its just me. Anyway, these are some […]

Times tables

Maths is a subject I have always loved. However, many children lack confidence in Maths and therefore dislike or are terrified of it. I think that times tables are vital for children to know really well to be successful in both multiplication and division. Once a child knows their times tables and can access them […]