Maths Week 2016

Maths Week will run from 15th – 23rd October. There are tons of ideas online and you can find out more from Maths Week Ireland here. We had a quick meeting after school the other day and put together a list of suggestions – some ideas below – with examples of how to integrate it […]

The never ending to do list

I’ve been finding my to do list never ending recently. I’ve found that I’m in school before 8 and leaving after 4 and still seem to be getting nowhere in terms of tackling the to do list. This week I was trying to finish my IEP’s and reading a lot about having SMART Targets. So […]

Class Teachers – Making your Timetable

I’ve received lots of messages about making a timetable for class teachers. My timetable changed a lot last year as I got to know my class better and noticed that some lessons were better at different times of the day. I think its nice to get Literacy, Numeracy and Gaeilge completed before big lunch as […]

Card Game

A child taught me this card game which is really great fun and requires children to really concentrate. He didn’t have a name for it but I’m going to call it King, Queen, Jack, Ace. The good thing about this game is that its all about luck and the luck can change very quickly.

Working as a Resource Teacher; Planning Part 2

I’ve just finished another┬áset of weekly plans for resource. I find planning weekly works best for me as things can change a lot from one week to another but it can be very time consuming. I’ve also found that over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to do too much in the sessions – […]

Working as a Resource Teacher; The IEP

If you are working as a resource teacher you are probably in the middle of writing up your IEPs. These usually need to be completed by the start/middle of October. So instead of writing mine – I’ve decided to procrastinate… The IEP’s are a programme of work that you design to cater for the needs […]

Planning time

I’m writing this blog post because I’ve received lots of messages from teachers wondering about how much time they should be spending on school work in the evenings or night time. I’ve also seen lots of comments from teachers who are spending all their evenings and weekends on work for school. Me I try to […]

Working as a Resource Teacher; Planning

I’ve received a number of messages about the planning needed for┬áresource teaching – to be 100% honest I’ve heard 10 different answers and I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. So this blogpost is about how I do my planning.

Week 1; Working as a Resource Teacher

We returned to school last Monday – no children just meetings, classroom set up and handover of information. The children arrived on Tuesday and by Friday I was exhausted. Overall it was a successful week, we did a lot of setting up in the resource rooms, organising resources for the children we would be working […]