Planning Folder – Resource

I was recently asked to go through my planning folder for Resource. While in school yesterday, I quickly put my folder together. I couldn’t find any guidelines on how best to organise the planning folder so I decided on this layout. I bought the folder in Mr. Price for 2.99. I like that it has a […]

First Day Powerpoint

This is a powerpoint which I made and used on our first day last year. It was really useful as it covers all about the school, the teachers in our year group, some of the main procedures in the classroom, class rules, all about class dojo, important times during the day etc.   You can download […]

Setting up your classroom

This blog post was written last year when I was setting up my classroom for 3rd class. I spent some time at the beginning of the summer holidays and last Friday setting up my classroom. Its not perfect but I’m happy with the results so far.

Planning for NQT’s

  Planning is a vital part of being a teacher. Planning and Preparation is one of the criteria for successful completion of your NQT year therefore it is very important.

What planner will I use this year?

Ever since I first started teaching I wanted a Folens/EDCO teacher diary and attended both of their book launches last year to get the free teacher planners. I attended again this year and was impressed with the planners.

School facilities -what does your space look like?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ll be sharing a room in September. When I worked between two schools as a resource/learning support teacher I had a huge room in one school and in the second school I had a room under the stairs- like a broom closet. I felt a bit […]

My Termly Plans (3rd class)

I was looking through files on my computer this morning when I came across my DIP plans for 5th Class – my first set of mainstream class plans. I still vividly remember writing them – tearing my hair out wondering if they would be good enough for the inspector (who was known to be very particular […]

Tesco; School Supplies

I popped into Tesco on my way home from meeting a friend for lunch today and noticed they have lots on offer for Back to School. While I know its only July and we still have a month before we go back, there were some great deals available in Tesco today.

Making your Timetable

Timetables are one of the planning requirements for probation but are also needed in every classroom/ resource or learning support setting. I’ve been looking at the allocations over the last few days and am bemused about how I’ll have 42 mins a day for Gaeilge and 36 mins a day for SESE. I wonder who […]

Being sick- the show must go on!

So I’m writing this post from my sick bed and of course worrying about going back to school. Teachers often feel they have to go to school even when very sick because the children in our care depend on us and will find the day difficult without us. For me, this usually means that I […]