Maths Time (More EDCO Publications)

When I attended the launch of Bua na Cainte last week, they also had other books available including Maths Time for 1st – 6th class.This book could be used in addition to the main maths book. It is based around mental maths.The book is colourful and child-friendly.  This is the second class book. Each day […]

Bua na Cainte (new Irish language Programme from EDCO)

Last night I attended the launch of Bua na Cainte in Dublin. The main reason I decided to go was to see some new products and the offer of a free EDCO Teacher Planner was an added bonus. I was so impressed by Bua na Cainte. Before the presentation, I looked at the teachers book […]

Comprehension Quickies – Book review

Came across this book a while ago. It’s an American publication but is fantastic to develop comprehension skills. Children have to read a very short passage on a high interest topic and then answer 7-8 questions. It is designed for ‘struggling readers’ but I think it would be suitable for all children – you could […]

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