Card Game

A child taught me this card game which is really great fun and requires children to really concentrate. He didn’t have a name for it but I’m going to call it King, Queen, Jack, Ace. The good thing about this game is that its all about luck and the luck can change very quickly.

Growth Mindset – Olympians

I spent the evening down in Dun Laoghaire celebrating the homecoming of Annalise Murphy – the olympic silver medallist. Growth mindset is something I used a lot in my classroom last year and is a huge skill for children to learn. It’s important for children and adults to realise that we will experience failure and […]

Shield – Myself

  This is a lovely activity/lesson for the start of the school year. It builds up children self esteem and confidence in themselves and their talents and achievements. Spend the first 2-3 minutes talking about talents – what are they and let each child share one of their talents. Children are then given a shield […]

Worry Monster; How do I use it in the classroom?

I’ve been looking to get a worry monster for a while and was delighted to pick this one up yesterday in Euro Giant. I’ve had a worry monster/worry box in my classroom for the last 5 years and really like the idea. The Worry Monster You can either buy a worry monster like above or […]

Growth Mindset

  I truly believe that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. Many children are very hard on themselves and get very upset if they make a small mistake. Some children give up before they even start or at the first hint of a challenge because they are terrified of […]

Feelings and Emotions

Children of all ages can find it difficult to express how they are feeling. They can’t put the right words on it. This simple activity looks at different feelings and emotions that children may feel during the school day or at home. Each child can create their own feelings wheel by following these simple steps; […]

Raising Self Esteem

Since starting teaching I have worked with a lot of children with low self esteem who are afraid to make mistakes and have little confidence in their own ability. To combat this I always make sure that children know that mistakes are important – they help us to be better and we can learn a […]

SPHE Lesson on Thinking before you speak

Sometimes we forget to think before we say something. This can have an awful effect on the person we are speaking to and it can dramatically change your relationship with someone. We often tell children ‘Oh that isn’t very nice. Say sorry!’ and the child says sorry and thats the end of it. The next […]