Christmas Word List

As it is only 2 weeks to Christmas – I decided to put together a word list with a Christmas theme for my class. This can be used as a spelling list or as a helpful list for story writing etc.    It’s available to download free of charge below!  

Surviving the Madness

This time of year is magical but hectic in schools. The children (and teachers) are super excited for Christmas and there is a huge amount of different activities thrown into the mix of the normal school day so here’s a couple of tips that work for me. Hot Chocolate Challenge The Hot Chocolate Challenge is […]

Supplementary Panel 2019/2020

I write an explanation blogpost about the Supplementary Panel every year and it is always very popular so hopefully I can answer some of your questions here. What is the supplementary panel? The supplementary panel is a panel made up of teachers who are currently covering substitute/temporary positions who are looking for a permanent position. […]

Irish Primary Parent

Irish Primary Parent is a new project that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. This is a new blog for parents of primary aged children to help them to support and consolidate their child’s learning. It is also a way for parents to keep up to date with new maths methods (which […]

Book Recommendations for 5th and 6th class

A selection of books for 5th and 6th class – thanks to everyone for their recommendations! I’ve included links to the Book Depository which is one of my favourite places to buy books and there’s always great deals! (Please note these are affiliate links) If you have any other books that you’d like to add […]

Parent Teacher Meetings

I have written a few blogposts about PT Meetings which you can find here and here as well as this post dealing with tricky questions. But I’m writing another one today including some templates for planning (before the meeting) and note taking during the meeting.   Timetabling We finish school at 2.30pm but I don’t start […]

Early Finishers

I’m done – what will I do now? There are always so many different levels in one class so I’ve put together a document catering for the needs of Early finishers within your classroom. The Early Finishers bundle covers Literacy (free writing, short stories, lists, magpie work, and reading activities), Maths, Gaeilge, STEM activities, Art […]

I didn’t get A’s on teaching practice and other confessions

I’ve received lots of messages from stressed out teachers who are struggling to keep up with the perceived idea of perfection that is often portrayed on social media and amazing lessons that are often expected on teaching practice. So I suppose this blogpost is something I’ve decided to write to share a little about me […]

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