Irish Primary Teacher 2017-2018

And just like that we’ve reached the end of the summer holidays. This time tomorrow, I’ll be in school. Tomorrow is a day of meeting, planning and organising for the year ahead. The children won’t be joining us until Thursday. This is just a quick overview of my plans for the next year. School I’ll […]

Trying to be organised

As the new school year fast approaches, I’m trying to think of ways to keep myself as organised as possible. I usually start the year with great organisation but after a couple of weeks, I let things slip and soon my desk looks as though a bomb has hit it and I can’t find things […]

Trying something new in 2017-2018

The inspiration for this post comes from the above statement. I think its so important to try something new every year – sometimes it fails but often it works brilliantly! So here are some things you might like to change in your classroom. These are all very small changes so they should be fairly easy […]

Assessment in my classroom

I’ve received a number of requests for a blogpost about assessment folders and how to keep records for assessment purposes so this is a quick overview of what works for me. I purchased this planner from Mr. Price at the beginning of the summer – I already had a Folens planner, but I liked the […]

My plan for the first two days

I always over plan for the first few days with a new class – it’s difficult to know how much work the kids will get through when you don’t really know them and I prefer to have lots to keep the children busy rather than too little and hearing the dreaded ‘I’m finished – what now’ […]

My Classroom

I decided to head into school this week to get my classroom ready for September. We’re back to school next Wednesday for meetings/planning etc. and back fully with the children on Thursday. As many of you know, I’m moving from resource back to the classroom so there was a lot of organising and sorting to […]

Feelings and Back to School

This time next week I’ll be getting ready for our first day back. We have a staff day next Wednesday for handovers, meetings and planning for the year ahead and some time to set up/organise our classrooms. The children will be in on Thursday and Friday. To be honest I’m feeling lots of different emotions […]

Classroom Set Up

I’ve received tons of messages from teachers who are hoping to get back into school over the next few days to set up their classroom for the next year. I’m hoping to go into my classroom tomorrow for a few hours so I’m writing this as a to do list for myself and hopefully it […]

Confessions of a Job Hunter

Well done, you finally make it to the end of your college course, conquering teachings practices, acing assignments, submitting a decent thesis, and manging to successfully complete and send the necessary forms to obtain your Teaching Council registration number. Now what? Now those people who annoyed you with the constant “How’s college going?” questions have […]

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