My Classroom

I decided to head into school this week to get my classroom ready for September. We’re back to school next Wednesday for meetings/planning etc. and back fully with the children on Thursday. As many of you know, I’m moving from resource back to the classroom so there was a lot of organising and sorting to […]

Feelings and Back to School

This time next week I’ll be getting ready for our first day back. We have a staff day next Wednesday for handovers, meetings and planning for the year ahead and some time to set up/organise our classrooms. The children will be in on Thursday and Friday. To be honest I’m feeling lots of different emotions […]

Classroom Set Up

I’ve received tons of messages from teachers who are hoping to get back into school over the next few days to set up their classroom for the next year. I’m hoping to go into my classroom tomorrow for a few hours so I’m writing this as a to do list for myself and hopefully it […]

Confessions of a Job Hunter

Well done, you finally make it to the end of your college course, conquering teachings practices, acing assignments, submitting a decent thesis, and manging to successfully complete and send the necessary forms to obtain your Teaching Council registration number. Now what? Now those people who annoyed you with the constant “How’s college going?” questions have […]

School Supplies with Mr. Price

When it comes to ‘Back to School’ supplies, Mr. Price is one of my favourite shops. It has everything you need from planners to paper, glue to dice, board games to storage boxes. Whatever you need for school – Mr. Price is a great place to go. The prices are also really good and much […]

Just to Clarify

I’ve debated writing this blogpost for a few days and who knows I might not even share it when I’ve finished but I just wanted to set the record straight on a few things.

Super Simple Name Card Activity for the First Day

This is a really easy name card activity that children can make on the first day. All you need is a piece of A4 paper (any colour – card might work slightly better!) Fold the piece of paper into 3 equal parts (or thirds) Write your name and decorate the middle part. Stand it up […]

The First Day

This day 2 weeks I will be back in school! It’s scary how quickly the summer has gone and how fast September is approaching. I’m feeling a bit nervous as I’ve been working mainly with 3rd class for the last few years and its a bit of a jump to 5th class but overall very […]

School Supplies with Dealz Ireland

I popped into Dealz in Cork City last week as I needed to pick up some bits and pieces for Back to School. Dealz is always one of my first shops to go to when shopping for school; I never leave empty handed! I was in the store for ages looking at all the different […]

Setting up a Teaching Blog

I’ve received a number of messages over the last few weeks about tips for setting up a teaching blog. When I first started Irish Primary Teacher just over 3 years ago, there was only a handful of teaching blogs in Ireland. That number has grown considerably over the years and there’s now lots! This blogpost […]

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