Music Mondays 4

This weeks Music Mondays focuses on the cello. This piece is probably one of the most famous pieces for solo cello and here it is played by Yo Yo Ma. The Cello Different parts of the instrument (See DK Find Out here or Making Music Fun here.) The String Family Listening and responding activities Draw a […]

Flat Rate Expenses

Quick step by step tutorial on how to add the ‘Flat Rate Expenses’ tax credit to your revenue account. Go to Revenue website (Link here) Click on ‘My Account Sign In’ or ‘Register for MyAccount’ under the ‘MyAccount heading’ Log in or Register Now Click on PAYE Anytime Click on any of the previous years (2016, […]

After School Activities/Clubs

A follower was looking for some ideas for after school activities/ clubs that they could set up in their school, so here are a few ideas; if you have any more comment below and I’ll add them to the list. Arts Education Art club/craft club – the children can do arts/crafts after school- they could […]

Social Skills Group

While working as a resource teacher, I have found social groups are brilliant for children who need to develop appropriate social and behavioural skills. This year, myself and another resource teacher are working together to facilitate this social skills group with a number of the children we are working with. Social skills groups enable the […]

Confessions of a TP Student; Part 2

The One Where You Try to Fit In The beginning of every placement block comes with a period of observation. In this case, students were given one week to observe, complete a report to show they can link all the theory picked up from the webinars that provided background entertainment while having dinner, and the […]

A look at salary scales

It is often said that timing is everything, and in the teaching profession this could ring true for a lot of people who graduated in the period between 2010 and 2012. Those who took a gap year, or struggled to find a position after finishing University, thus entering the profession later than they would have otherwise, face […]

Christmas Holidays

Its been over 2 weeks since I wrote a blog post – probably the longest time ever but things were hectic before school finished and since then I’ve been at home in Waterford – catching up with friends and family. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the break! Its great […]

Why I don’t advertise teaching jobs…

I’ve received a huge amount of emails and Facebook messages lately from individuals and teaching agencies asking me to advertise teaching jobs in England and further afield. My answer is and always will be no. Irish Primary Teacher was set up as a place for me to keep track of ideas, lessons that worked well […]