Rory’s Story Cubes

I picked up a packet of ‘Rory’s Story Cubes’ recently and tried them out in the resource room this week. They were a huge hit with the children and they wrote really great stories using the cubes.

Supplementary Panel 2017/2018

I’m writing this blogpost because I’ve already received lots of questions about the supplementary panel and the criteria needed to access the supplementary panel. What is the panel? There are two redeployment panels for primary teachers in Ireland – the main panel and the supplementary panel for appointments to full time permanent positions. The main […]

What to do when your class are driving you crazy

There are days and sometimes weeks where your class drive you crazy – almost to the point where you wonder why you ever decided to become a teacher – yet there is an expectation that this is your vocation and therefore you are happy and love every single thing about teaching and every single day […]

The US Presidential Election

So today was the voting day for the US Presidential Election and tomorrow we’ll find out who won. I’ve noticed a lot of children have a real interest in what is happening and can’t wait to find out who the next President of the USA will be. To be honest, I don’t have much interest […]

Mind Maps – Tony Buzan

I’ve used Mind Maps/ Brainstorms since I was in secondary school – I found they helped me with studying and having all the information on the page was great for revision purposes too. When planning I always use a mind map and when thinking of ideas for blogposts I do the same. While reading some […]

Social Media and the Classroom

In recent years there has been a huge amount of schools/ classes setting up blogs and social media accounts. I have worked in different schools that used social media in different ways. I was asked to write this blog post about the advantages andĀ also some things to consider. Advantages Blogposts/Updates on Facebook/Twitter about what is […]

My Desk Essentials

A follower recently asked about my desk essentials so this blog post will detail some of my favourites. As a stationery addict, I have way too much of everything – I like to have one of everything and have boxes filled with pencils and pens.

Assessment Folder – Resource

This is a quick overview of my assessment folder for working as a resource teacher. I bought the assessment folder in Mr. Price for 2.99. Each child has their own section; I just added a label where the childs name and class teacher will be written. There are then 5 different tabs; Literacy Numeracy Targets […]

Literacy Weekly Overview

  I have had a number of messages from people looking for advice on how to fit everything in Literacy. There are 5 hours allocated to Literacy so roughly 1 hour per day. The strands are; Oral Language Reading Writing