Dip Diary 1 – Experience of recent NQT’s

I’ve been receiving lots of messages from newly qualified teachers about completing the Dip/ Droichead process. I asked my followers to contribute to some guest blogposts on their personal experience of the dip/droichead process and to offer any advice to NQT’s. I was overwhelmed by the amount of teachers who agreed to answer a list […]

Irish Primary Teachers on Instagram 2018/2019

I’m putting together a list of Irish primary teachers who have teaching accounts on Instagram and share their ideas, tips and resources. I’ve decided to put them in groups of two (Junior and Senior infants, 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th. I will also include a section for teachers working in SEN […]

CPD with Anokha Learning

I have now completed 5 summer courses with Anokha Learning and I can honestly say they are brilliant! Last summer I completed ‘Emotional and Mental Health Fitness for Well-Being in the Classroom‘ and ‘Bullying Prevention; cultivating friendship and inclusion in school’ and I used lesson ideas and resources from both courses throughout the year. This […]

Insider Jobs… Should I still apply?

A job is advertised in a school that you are interesting in applying for and you ask around and find out that there are already candidates who have been working in the school for the last few years and will be competing for the job too – what do you do? APPLY ANYWAY! The System […]

Songs for Graduation

A follower recently asked me for recommendations of songs for a 6th class graduation/leavers assembly so I posted the question on the Irish Primary Teacher Facebook page and lots of people left great suggestions. I’ve decided to put them together in a blogpost so they will be easy to find. I will also include You […]

Fathers Day Art Ideas

Fathers Day is next Sunday 17th June. While it is a lovely way to celebrate dads it can also be a very sad day for some children so I think its important to be mindful of that. Here are some activities/art that I love – Click the photo to be redirected to the template/step by […]

End of year organisation

As the end of this year approaches, I find it a good time to declutter, organise and stock take. I’m a self confessed hoarder who keeps everything just in case so I find the end of the year a perfect time to reorganise things and dump/ give away things I don’t need. Next year If […]

Plans for June

It’s finally June! I always find June such a busy month but here are a few ideas/ lessons that I’ll be using in my classroom!

Tackling report writing

It’s nearly the end of the year and that means writing reports – 1 single piece of paper that is meant to summarise a child’s progress throughout the year. Some schools type their reports but we still write ours. Each child has a booklet (with duplicates of previous years reports) which is filled in each […]