Comprehension Box from Prim Ed

I was delighted to receive the Comprehension Box from Prim Ed Publishing yesterday. There are 3 boxes available;

  • Box 1; Age 7 – 8+
  • Box 2; Age 8 – 10+ (as reviewed below)
  • Box 3; Age 11 +

Whats in the box?


  • Comprehension Cards – short story and questions (back to back)
  • Answer cards
  • Teachers Guide Book


Comprehension cards

The box has 150 comprehension cards which are differentiated starting with the colour ‘Scarlet’ and moving up to ‘Bronze’. There are 10 comprehensions available at each level.


Tracking sheet


Scarlet 1; Why is the Sky so High?

Each comprehension piece is divided into paragraphs so children can easily find the answers to the questions at the back. The comprehensions are bright and colourful with nice illustrations – making them appealing to children! There is lots of different genres available and both fiction and non fiction texts so there is something for every child in your class.


These are the comprehension questions – which are located on the back of each comprehension. They ask questions based on the text, some grammar/vocabulary questions and a ‘something extra section’ where the children will be given another task e.g. dictionary work/ drawing an illustration.


Once the children have completed the questions – they can then get the answer card and self correct their work before moving on to the next comprehension card.


This is a comprehension from the Bronze level (highest level in Box 2).

The Teachers Guide



This is the table of contents so you can see what is included in the teacher resource book.


Card explanation


Guide; Where to begin


Scope and Sequence Chart – showing the genre of the comprehension card along with the comprehension strategies it covers.

pupil-tracker-2 pupil-tracker-3 student-tracker

Student trackers (assessment)


Definition of genres

teachers-guide-comprehension-box-7 teachers-guide-comprehension-box-9

Comprehension strategies and posters

How will I use the Comprehension Box?

Resource Room

I like the length of the comprehensions. The children will be able to read the text and complete the questions – orally or using short sentences – with me in the resource room. I might also send one home for homework.


These would be brilliant in the classroom and could be used for station teaching/ guided reading. One group could work on these independently while another group completes grammar activities or dictionary work and another group works with the teacher.

They could be used 1/2 days a week as a comprehension session – with 150 cards there is plenty for each child to have one each. Alternatively they could have 1 between 2 and do a paired reading session or 1 per group.

Early finishers – the box could be used as an early finishers activity – the children can take a card at their level, complete the questions and then self correct when they have finished using the answer cards.


The comprehension cards and answer cards are made from a durable card so will definitely last.

How to order?

The Comprehension Box is available from Prim Ed Publishing – here.

The cost is €250 per box.

Overall I think the Comprehension box is brilliant, it differentiates for all abilities in your class and I would definitely recommend it!

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