Loop Cards

I created loop cards for Maths and Geography last year and they were a great success in the whole class setting. Here are some ideas for using the loop cards in your classroom.

Whole Class

Each child gets one card and calls out the question/ statement; the child with the answer calls out the answer and reads their question and the game continues until all children have read their answer and question. (The last card says ‘Finish’)

Small Group

The cards are shuffled and shared out between the children in the group. All children start with their cards facing up.

The first and last card can be placed in the middle. Every time a child has the correct answer – they say their answer and then read out their question and then turn their card over. The game ends when one child has all their cards turned over.

Another way to use the loop cards is to work as a team and time the game from start to finish. The children can then try to beat their time. This is great practice for quickly recalling the skill – times tables or doubles or capitals of Europe.



Addition and Subtraction within 10/20


Times Tables



Capital of Europe


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