New Resource Timetable

I changed my timetable for the beginning of this term. I felt this was a good idea as I wanted to change social groups/movement groups and I also noticed that some children worked better in the morning while others benefitted more from support after lunch.

My timetable from September – December gave all children 3/4 individual slots and then 1/2 group sessions depending on their needs/targets for the year. Now that I’ve worked with the children for 4 months I have decided to change a few things with the timetable.

Paired work

I’ve paired some children who work well together. While individual sessions are beneficial, I think children often work better in pairs/ small groups. It can be great for discussions, social skills, project work etc.

Some things to consider

  • Do the children get along?
  • Do the children have similar targets?
  • Do the children have different strengths?

Social skills group

Myself and another resource teacher have decided to work together for our social skills group. This means we have a group of 7/8 children to work with and two adults to cater for the needs of all the children.

You can read about our plan here.

In class support

This is something that I’ve decided to do more of this term. I’ve found it is really beneficial to see the child at work in the classroom and give support to them and other children (if needed). It is also great for helping children to integrate with the other children in their own class.

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