Outfits for teachers

I shared a few bits that I spotted in Marks and Spencers on my Instagram page a few weeks ago and it was very popular. I then received lots of messages from teachers looking for advice about outfits for school and I did a poll yesterday and over 90% of people voted for this blogpost so I’m putting together a quick idea of some nice outfits. Just want to note- I am not a fashion blogger (nor will I ever be one) and this is just what I like to wear myself and what works for me! I’ll add photos below with links (these are not affiliate links by the way) if you are interested!

For me, I usually wear a dress and leggings as I find these comfortable and practical. On P.E. days I often wear a tracksuit! I think some schools have dress policies (some of which are unnecessarily strict – when I taught in England there was a ridiculous dress code in place in one of the schools) so these outfits might not be suitable everywhere!

New Look

Cath Kidston

I’m obsessed with the patterns. But the dresses can be quite expensive. Kildare Village usually have dresses on sale! Theres not a huge amount online but I think these 3 are quite nice!


Marks and Spencer


These dresses look a bit on the short side but I’m a good few inches smaller than the models so I know they would be suitable for me! I like the style of them- I bought the second one in Zara last week for 9.99 and it’s really nice on!


Tesco often have fab bits and pieces. I spotted these in Tesco Liffey Valley yesterday. (I don’t have links but they are all roughly around the 20 euro range!)