The Marrog

The Marrog is a fantastic poem by R.C. Scriven that we have been looking at over the last few days. Here are some activities that we used and some that I plan to use with the Marrog as inspiration. Rhyming words The children can write a list of all the rhyming words in the poem. […]

Learning Logs

Learning logs are a great way for children to reflect on their week in school. I use learning logs every Friday afternoon. It takes about 15 minutes for children to answer some questions for their learning log.

Literacy Stations

I love using literacy stations in my classroom. This was something I learned about in the U.K. and they have become more popular in recent years in Ireland. I usually have 4 literacy stations at any time. I have experimented with different activities and groupings over the years and my favourite stations are; Reading with […]

The first full week

The first full week of school was tough, very tough. I was exhausted by Tuesday and still had three¬†more days to go. This blogpost is just a quick overview of things that worked well for me this week and things that I need to change. Classroom Layout I started the year with 3 groups (2 […]

Dancin’ Time (A review)

I was recently sent ‘Dancin’ Time’ an Irish and folk dance resource pack for primary teachers. The resource is available directly here. What’s included in the pack There is a DVD of the dances (Infants – Sixth Class). 4 CD’s (Infants, First and Second, Third and Fourth and two for Fifth and Sixth) Booklet with […]

Day 1…

Today was our first day back, we had no children just whole staff meeting, hand overs with previous teachers, organising resources, year group meetings, sorting books/copies and art supplies, finishing classroom organisation/decoration etc.

Irish Primary Teacher 2017-2018

And just like that we’ve reached the end of the summer holidays. This time tomorrow, I’ll be in school. Tomorrow is a day of meeting, planning and organising for the year ahead. The children won’t be joining us until Thursday. This is just a quick overview of my plans for the next year. School I’ll […]

Trying to be organised

As the new school year fast approaches, I’m trying to think of ways to keep myself as organised as possible. I usually start the year with great organisation but after a couple of weeks, I let things slip and soon my desk looks as though a bomb has hit it and I can’t find things […]

Trying something new in 2017-2018

The inspiration for this post comes from the above statement. I think its so important to try something new every year – sometimes it fails but often it works brilliantly! So here are some things you might like to change in your classroom. These are all very small changes so they should be fairly easy […]