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Mental Maths Activities

Mental Maths is a vital component of a good maths lesson. Children need to be able to calculate in their head and use different strategies to answer the same question. Daily practice is extremely important for all children from junior infants to 6th class. I always do Mental Maths at the start of the day […]

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Teaching P.E.

P.E. is a great subject to teach but sometimes it fills me with fear.  Bringing the children out of the classroom to a hall where there is no seats or structured seating plans could be disastrous and therefore requires excellent classroom management and organisation. Before going to the hall/outside area for P.E.Discuss how to get […]

What do I need when applying for jobs?

In the coming weeks, jobs will start to be advertised for the next school year – now is the time to get things ready for applying. 1. Teaching Council Registration Register here. You must be registered with the teaching council before working in an Irish primary school. Without registration you will not be paid by […]

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To ask for support is a sign of strength (NIPT)

Teaching is a fantastic job and very rewarding however, throughout our careers we sometimes experience stress and disillusionment.Many NQT’s feel unable to talk to their colleagues or principal about issues or problems they may have for fear of looking incapable of doing their job or they may be worried about job prospects for the following […]

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A Day in the Life; Senior Infants

A Little Background: I teach Senior Infants in a DEIS band 1 School in Dublin. We are a Junior School, Early Start to 2nd Class. It is a mixed school with a significant number of EAL and traveller children. I am an NQT in my second year of teaching, and completed my DIP in January. […]

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A Day in the Life; Special Ed

I currently work as a Special Class Teacher in a Special Class for children with mild and moderate learning difficulties on the north side of Dublin. The school is a Senior Girls school and in this class I teach 11 girls with varying levels of ability as well as very levels of curricular accessibility and […]

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A Day in the Life

Planning on doing a series of ‘A Day in the Life’ posts where teachers working in different roles write about a typical day and share tips and challenges. This will give us all the opportunity to learn a bit about different roles in the teaching profession. These posts can be published anonymously.

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Training in U.K.? What do you need to teach in Ireland?

Once you have completed your teacher training in the U.K. You will need to complete a certificate in religious education (if you wish to teach in a Catholic Primary School) and an Irish qualification. These can both be completed while you are working. Certificate in Religious EducationThis programme can be completed part time with Mary […]

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I don’t know what the panel is… (A guide)

Over the next few weeks there will be a lot of talk about the panel and panel rights – but what are they and how do you get them? The panels were set up to provide permanent jobs to teachers with certain criteria. There is a panel for Catholic Schools, Church of Ireland Schools, Educate […]

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What jobs can I apply for?

If you are finishing college this year, the job hunt is the next hurdle. Most jobs will be advertised on Education Posts. Many jobs will be advertised including part time, substitute, fixed term, temporary or permanent. Substitute jobs – These jobs arise to cover maternity or sick leave. (They last for a number of months, usually […]

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