Book Recommendations for Infant Classes

A selection of books for Infant classes – thanks to everyone for their recommendations! I’ve included links to the Book Depository which is one of my favourite places to buy books and theres always great deals! (Please note these are affiliate links) If you have any other books that you’d like to add please send […]

Fota Island Wildlife Park – A review

Over the bank holiday weekend I headed down to Cork to meet a friend and we stayed in the Fota Island Resort and decided to head to Fota Wildlife Park. I hadn’t been in years and I really enjoyed my visit. Check out my video which goes through some of the key points of Fota […]

Christmas Plays Suggestions

I’ve had tons of requests for recommendations for Christmas plays over the last few weeks so I’m putting this list together with suggestions from lots of teachers. Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestion! The class levels are a very rough guide – what might work in 3rd class in one school might be […]

Alien Explanation

Alien Explanation is a new thing I’ve started using in my maths lessons this year and it is working extremely well. When I start a new concept in Maths – I teach the new ideas, get  the children to do some examples and then get the children to explain the concepts to me as I […]

Halloween Art Ideas

Here are some of my favourite art ideas for Halloween that I spotted online, in my colleagues classrooms or from fellow bloggers on Instagram. View this post on Instagram Love these monsters from a colleague in 3rd 😍😍 #irishteacher #irishprimaryteacher #art #monsters #halloween A post shared by Irishprimaryteacher (@irishprimaryteacher) on Oct 19, 2018 at 7:16am […]

Maths Partners

I started stations in Maths today and I use mixed ability groups. However, I also use maths partners. Each child has a maths partner who is at the same level as them (where appropriate). To decide on Maths partners, I used the children’s Sten scores from last year and then used teacher observation/assessment to best […]

Gaeilge – Reading, Writing, Oral Language Idea

A colleague shared this idea with me and I tried it today and it worked brilliantly! At the beginning of each week, the children share what they did at the weekend – they try to use as much Irish as possible and as the weeks progress they build up a huge range of phrases they […]

Teaching Fractions 1

Fractions is one of those topics that is pretty difficult to teach. I recommend using a lot of concrete materials first, then pictures and then moving onto abstract. (Following the C-P-A approach is really important). At the beginning of each new topic I get the children to do a brainstorm to see what they know […]

Literacy Weekly Overview

I’ve received tons of messages from teachers looking for advice on how best to organise their literacy lessons weekly. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t have any set topic on certain days but I’m hoping to implement a better system from now on. This morning I made a list of all that needs […]

Comhrá Speech Bubbles – Sa Bhaile

Here are the comhrá speech bubbles for the theme of ‘Sa Bhaile’. My hope for these sets of Speech bubbles is to encourage children to use their Gaeilge and develop their oral language skills too. I put them on display in the Gaeilge area and the children have a reference point when working with a […]