Insider Jobs… Should I still apply?

A job is advertised in a school that you are interesting in applying for and you ask around and find out that there are already candidates who have been working in the school for the last few years and will be competing for the job too – what do you do? APPLY ANYWAY! The System […]

Songs for Graduation

A follower recently asked me for recommendations of songs for a 6th class graduation/leavers assembly so I posted the question on the Irish Primary Teacher Facebook page and lots of people left great suggestions. I’ve decided to put them together in a blogpost so they will be easy to find. I will also include You […]

Fathers Day Art Ideas

Fathers Day is next Sunday 17th June. While it is a lovely way to celebrate dads it can also be a very sad day for some children so I think its important to be mindful of that. Here are some activities/art that I love – Click the photo to be redirected to the template/step by […]

Teaching Maths; My thoughts

Maths is definitely my favourite subject to teach – I love it! I’ve always been good at Maths and grasped new concept easily – I never experienced difficult until I got to secondary school in 5th year when we were going to be streamed into pass and honours maths classes. I wanted to do honours […]

End of year organisation

As the end of this year approaches, I find it a good time to declutter, organise and stock take. I’m a self confessed hoarder who keeps everything just in case so I find the end of the year a perfect time to reorganise things and dump/ give away things I don’t need. Next year If […]

Plans for June

It’s finally June! I always find June such a busy month but here are a few ideas/ lessons that I’ll be using in my classroom!

Tackling report writing

It’s nearly the end of the year and that means writing reports – 1 single piece of paper that is meant to summarise a child’s progress throughout the year. Some schools type their reports but we still write ours. Each child has a booklet (with duplicates of previous years reports) which is filled in each […]

Some art lessons I’m planning for the last term

6 weeks left so here are some art lessons that I’m planning on trying in my class. Tissue paper bleeding These look great! Children will choose a landmark, symbol, their name etc as the focus. We have since completed these! View this post on Instagram I love how these turned out!! Children drew landmarks and […]

Inside Outside – Skipping Elastics

Sandra from Inside Outside got in touch with me a few weeks ago about reviewing her new product ‘Skipping Elastics’. I received them during the week and tried them out in P.E. on Friday. View this post on Instagram Sandra from @inside_outside_ireland contacted me a few weeks ago about reviewing her new product and I […]