Grandparents Day

This week is Catholics Schools Week and the theme for this year is ‘Care for Our Common Home’. You can find lots of information here. One special part of Catholic Schools Week is Grandparents Day so here are a few ideas based around Grandparents Day.

Music Mondays 2

This week I’m sharing a well known and loved song – The Erie Canal by Bruce Springsteen. This YouTube video gives the lyrics as well as some useful facts about the Erie Canal.

Maths Fear

Many children and adults alike have a fear of Maths – they experience great distress when they think about maths and solving number problems. This blogpost is to share some of the things I use to help children overcome this fear and enable them to achieve their full potential in  Maths.

Confessions of a TP Student; Part 3

The One Where the Inspector is Missing Inspections. The cross we student teachers must bear. The hour or so of your life that will define you as a number or grade on your CV forever more. The time when you hope to put in an Oscar worthy performance with the best students in a well-resourced […]

Valentines Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner so here are some ideas to use for a thematic day/week based around St. Valentine and love.

Music Mondays 1

Music Mondays is a new blogpost idea I had at the beginning of January but Mondays kept passing and I kept forgetting so here is my first blogpost in this series. Music Mondays will be a series of blogposts where I write about songs/ tunes/pieces of music that I’ve used in the classroom or that I […]

New Model; Special Education Teaching Resources

Minister Bruton announced that the new model for allocation of resource teachers would be implemented from next September. This post is a quick overview of the new model and how it will differ from the current model. Current model Child receives diagnosis of special educational need from an educational psychologist School applies to the Special […]

New Resource Timetable

I changed my timetable for the beginning of this term. I felt this was a good idea as I wanted to change social groups/movement groups and I also noticed that some children worked better in the morning while others benefitted more from support after lunch. My timetable from September – December gave all children 3/4 individual […]