Why is it so difficult to find a substitute teacher?

There was an article in the Independent the other day (and again in the Sunday independent) with the title “Children to be sent home from school in new crisis; Lure of well paid jobs in Dubai is now leading to a severe shortage of substitute teachers”. (You can read the article here.) So in this […]

Gaeilge; Going Back to Basics

Languages are difficult to learn for both children and adults alike. Gaeilge is a difficult language to teach and many parents don’t have much Irish themselves. As well as this, unfortunately, Irish is not a language that is used in everyday conversation by many people. For example, many parents don’t need to use Irish in work/ in […]

Music Mondays 4

This weeks Music Mondays focuses on the cello. This piece is probably one of the most famous pieces for solo cello and here it is played by Yo Yo Ma. The Cello Different parts of the instrument (See DK Find Out here or Making Music Fun here.) The String Family Listening and responding activities Draw a […]

Music Mondays 3

This weeks music monday is a piece of music from ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ called ‘The Kiss’ or ‘The Gael’ . I have loved this piece of music since I first watched the movie many years ago and I used to listen to it constantly. Music; Compare and contrast the two sections of the […]

Flat Rate Expenses

Quick step by step tutorial on how to add the ‘Flat Rate Expenses’ tax credit to your revenue account. Go to Revenue website (Link here) Click on ‘My Account Sign In’ or ‘Register for MyAccount’ under the ‘MyAccount heading’ Log in or Register Now Click on PAYE Anytime Click on any of the previous years (2016, […]

Reading a Novel; Some Ideas

Novels are a great focus for a reading lesson. In this post, I’ll share some tips and ideas that I’ve used when teaching a novel. Hopefully you’ll find something useful. Reading Teacher reads Students read aloud Students read silently (together in class) Students read at home I usually read the novel as the children enjoy […]

Surviving the Dip; Part 2

Paperwork Having finally settled back into school after Christmas, its feels like I was never away! The same stories, antics and tales keep me on my toes. With one visit down I’m still waiting on the final one which means one thing… constant piles of paperwork and printing. Every time I seem to go near […]

After School Activities/Clubs

A follower was looking for some ideas for after school activities/ clubs that they could set up in their school, so here are a few ideas; if you have any more comment below and I’ll add them to the list. Arts Education Art club/craft club – the children can do arts/crafts after school- they could […]

Grandparents Day

This week is Catholics Schools Week and the theme for this year is ‘Care for Our Common Home’. You can find lots of information here. One special part of Catholic Schools Week is Grandparents Day so here are a few ideas based around Grandparents Day.

Music Mondays 2

This week I’m sharing a well known and loved song – The Erie Canal by Bruce Springsteen. This YouTube video gives the lyrics as well as some useful facts about the Erie Canal.

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