Supporting a child with autism in the mainstream classroom

Over the next few blog posts, I plan on writing tips for supporting children with various special educational needs in mainstream classrooms. All children are different and what works with one child may not work with another. Visual timetable – It’s important for the child to know what is happening throughout the day. A break […]

Learning Support and Resource – What’s the difference?

I’m sure a lot of people know the difference between each of these roles but when I was in college I thought they were pretty much the same thing, when I first started applying for jobs many jobs were advertised as learning support/resource. This is just a quick post to explain the difference between the […]

Reading with fluency and expression

Reading is an essential skill for everyone. By the end of 1st class most children should be able to recognise the majority of Dolch Word lists (download here) and read short stories, retell them and answer questions based on the story. A key skill which a lot of children need to practice is expression. Often a […]

Comprehension Quickies – Book review

Came across this book a while ago. It’s an American publication but is fantastic to develop comprehension skills. Children have to read a very short passage on a high interest topic and then answer 7-8 questions. It is designed for ‘struggling readers’ but I think it would be suitable for all children – you could […]

I’m finished… what now?

So you set a piece of work and while moving around the room helping individual children you notice 3/4 who have finished their work and are beginning to get a little restless. You had planned that the work would take them the allocated time but unfortunately you were wrong and you have nothing else prepared […]

Back to school

I don’t know about you but it feels like I’m in a different time zone so far this week. I’m exhausted and it’s only Tuesday! I hope everyone is settling back in nicely to school.For me this week has been about getting back into a routine. I had a lovely relaxing time off over Christmas […]

How to get through the Dip/NQT Year

Congratulations on your new post! It’s so exciting to have your own class and you will have lots of fun. It’s two days now before the start of term so I’m guessing the nerves have set in! First things first, breathe – you’ve trained for this! You can do it!! Some tips for the next […]

Brain breaks

Brain breaks are essential for children during the day. They give children a break from the ordinary and gets them moving or talking and focuses their minds once again. Brain breaks can be used at any stage during the day. I find them great to use first thing in the morning to set the children […]

Relax, take it easy

Teachers have fantastic holidays, there is no denying it but the holidays are necessary to recharge the batteries. Relax, take time for you, catch up with friends and family, watch tv, eat chocolate, do things you enjoy. Whether you have teaching practice, the dip or just the usual stresses of the job to face in […]

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