Reasons Why I’d Recommend a Twinkl Membership

I’ve had my Twinkl membership since I started teaching in England – 7 years ago and over the last few years here in Ireland Twinkl have kindly given me free membership to review the service and to share some of my favourite bits and pieces that I use in my classroom. The majority of my friends and colleagues have Twinkl accounts themselves and everyone I speak to can’t recommend the service highly enough.

In this blogpost, I’m going to share some of the key reasons why I would recommend that you get Twinkl.

Time saver

One of the key things for me is the amount of time that I save with my membership.

Only the other day I was looking for information on an artist – Kandinsky and within seconds I had downloaded exactly what I needed from Twinkl. It gave me the perfect introduction to the artist and the topic of abstract art too.


Amount of resources

The sheer amount of resources available is outstanding – there is a range of resources for every class level, every topic imaginable and more! Whether you are looking for a presentation on Nelson Mandela, a maths game on decimals, a Gaeilge display of subjects or something on Chinese New Year – Twinkl has it all.

High quality

The resources produced are of a very high standard. I make resources myself and the amount of time and energy that goes into producing resources is vast so I can only imagine the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes for Twinkl.

Interesting, fun, engaging material

The material is relevant, fun, engaging and interesting. It is accurate. There are pictures and clipart included which makes for a great display as well as presentations that the children are interested in. The layout of resources is excellent and you will often find learning objectives at the beginning of a presentation. There is often additional material available that children can complete to show their understanding of what they have learned.



I’ve contacted Twinkl on a number of occasions requesting resources in a different format (e.g. black and white instead of colour) and the response time is unbelievable and often my request is sorted and sent to me by email within 24-48 hours.

I have also seen fellow Twinkl members ask for translations of resources and these requests are often met too.

Twinkl Create

You also have access to Twinkl Create where you can create your own resources using great clipart from Twinkl too.

Overall I think Twinkl is definitely a worthwhile investment – I know teachers often have to spend their own money on resources such as this but for me I feel it is 100% worth the money and it will save you hours of time and energy in the long run.

To find out more visit Twinkl here.

*Important to note that while my membership with Twinkl is currently free of charge – I was not requested to write this blogpost and all views are 100% honest based on my experience of the service. (Furthermore I do not get paid by Twinkl to share my views/ resources I use from Twinkl etc.)