Sequencing Stories from Easy Learn

Sequencing Stories is a downloadable PDF from Easy Learn. I’ve been using the resources for the last 2 weeks and have found them really beneficial in the resource room.

There are two pages for each story which are differentiated to cater for the needs of different children you might be working with! The vocabulary in easier story versions is limited to high frequency words or words that can be worked out from the picture.

I laminated each sheet and cut the pictures and story up and let the children put the story in order. The stories are interesting and relatable. The children enjoyed reading them and it was easy to quickly assess if the children were able to sequence the story. Afterwards I asked them questions based on the story to develop their comprehension skills.


The books are €12 each or available as a pack (Sequencing Stories 1,2,3) for €33.

They are available from Easy Learn

  • Sequencing Stories 1 here.
  • Sequencing Stories 2 here.
  • Sequencing Stories 3 here.
  • Pack of 3 here.

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