Twinkl – A review (Northern Ireland)

I’ve had a Twinkl account for the last few years and I can honestly say that it is brilliant. My favourite things about Twinkl…

  1. Amount of top quality downloads – there are resources available to download for every topic imaginable from planting seeds to top trumps cards for Maths.
  2. Time – I have saved so much time by using Twinkl and can download powerpoints, displays, worksheets and everything I need.
  3. Alterations – I don’t have a colour printer so I often request that resources are available in black and white and within hours I get an email with my request!
  4. Displays – the downloads are top quality and make great displays in classrooms! I love this Be… display!


Twinkl Create

This is a fantastic new feature on Twinkl where you can make your own resources to suit your class. You can make display banners, labels, word mats, storyboards, page borders, writing frames, cards, posters and more. This feature is really easy to use and you don’t have to spend hours searching for images online as there are hundreds of twinkl images easily available. (Check out Twinkl Create here.)

Here are some of the options available for creating resources and a sample of a Summer word mat which I created quickly!


Some of my favourite resources (Twinkl Northern Ireland)

Stem Resources – here’s a quick look at some of the brilliant powerpoints available for STEM activities. The powerpoints are interesting, child friendly and interactive.

Science is a great subject to teach but it can be difficult to find appropriate experiments to fit in with the unit you are teaching. These STEM Powerpoints from Twinkl are fantastic. (STEM Powerpoints are available here.)

First they give an introduction about the topic.


Next they give an experiment; what you will need, and step by step instructions.


Finally they give a questioning section (Something to Think About …) and this is followed by an explanation about what has happened (Here’s What’s Happening…)

Overall these provide interesting, child friendly, interactive units of work covering many different topics. The powerpoints are filled with information and step by step instructions for carrying out the experiments.

Maths (Real life)

As much as possible, I try to link maths topics with real life. I remember as a child wondering why we needed to learn certain maths concepts which as far as I was concerned were completely irrelevant to my life. Twinkl has managed to create interesting ‘real life’ maths problems and worksheets so the children can put the skills they have learned into practice.

Here are some worksheets about organising a birthday party. The worksheets are divided by ability – to cater for and differentiate for all children in the class. (These worksheets are available here.)


Another thing I love about Twinkl is how up to date their resources are.

Here is a new powerpoint about the British and Irish Lions. This powerpoint has the most up to date information. The powerpoint is current and interesting to the children and covers a wide range of curricular areas from P.E. to History, Geography and Oral Language. (This powerpoint is available here.)

Overall, I love Twinkl and couldn’t recommend it highly enough! A Twinkl membership provides instant access to a huge range of teacher created content suitable for all ages! The material is engaging, interactive for children and there is lots of planning and assessment tools for teachers too. It saves countless hours of trawling through images and lining up boxes to make good worksheets.

*Twinkl have given me a free subscription in return for this review – however all thoughts are my own!

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