Why I don’t advertise teaching jobs…

I’ve received a huge amount of emails and Facebook messages lately from individuals and teaching agencies asking me to advertise teaching jobs in England and further afield. My answer is and always will be no.

Irish Primary Teacher was set up as a place for me to keep track of ideas, lessons that worked well and good resources. Over the last 2-3 years it has grown to one of the largest teaching blogs in Ireland and is a now a place where I share my ideas, offer advice/support and share resources . I am always 100% honest in my blogposts and I only share products/resources/services that I believe are beneficial, that I have used myself and that I can stand over.

I taught in the U.K. for a year and while I learned a lot from the experience – it was a very difficult year and I personally wouldn’t recommend teaching in the U.K. While I know that lots of teachers have had and continue to have good experiences working in the U.K. many others have had experiences similar to my own. I don’t have personal experience of teaching in any other countries so I also don’t share these advertisements.

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