Stop Comparing, Stop Caring

Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others or always worrying about what other people think? I’ve always been very self conscious and worried about what other people think of me. Over the last few months I’ve tried really hard to stop comparing myself to others and to stop caring so much about what other people think of me and I genuinely think it has made me so much happier and so much less stressed.


We are all unique. We are influenced by the people around us, our surroundings and our life experiences. We have different views, different attitudes and different ways of doing things and that’s ok. We have our own talents and our own challenges for example I’d be happy to help our with the school choir or orchestra but when it comes to sport I wouldn’t know where to start.

Some teachers are fantastic at teaching maths but struggle with ideas for teaching Gaeilge. Others have excellent classroom management but find displays mind boggling. We constantly compare ourselves to those around us and it creates a huge amount of stress and not feeling ‘good enough’.

Instead of comparing yourself to others – appreciate your own talents and ask for support from colleagues in areas where you don’t feel too confident. ‘Magpie’ ideas from friends, colleagues and from teachers around the world who you can follow on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always cared too much about what people think of me – being so self conscious and worried and stressed at many different situations and not doing things I wanted to do for fear I would be mocked or talked about. In the beginning when I started writing Irish Primary Teacher – I was terrified about what colleagues and friends would think and say about me. I spent many hours of my free time every week working on my blog, writing blogposts, responding to messages and emails and updating my social media accounts. I do this because I love it and thats all that matters!

Does caring about what other people think stop you from doing things? STOP! Do what you love and stop caring about what others think – at the end of the day most people are so busy with their lives that they don’t spend their time wondering about you and your life! Don’t miss out on doing what you enjoy for fear that others will judge you!


One thought on “Stop Comparing, Stop Caring

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I find myself constantly comparing myself to other teachers in school and it has really been getting me down, making me feel inadequate.
    Also, I have an SNA in my classroom this year and I feel constantly judged by her, presuming that she thinks I am a terrible teacher, even though she has never even alluded to this fact.
    I am so busy with three kids at home, I seem to be constantly racing into school and home from school, I envy the teachers who can arrive in early, get organised, have a coffee and a chat and leave as late as they like.
    Anyway, thank you – your post has cheered me up and I am determined to stop comparing from now on.
    Helen 🙂

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