1916 Commemorations with 3rd Class

I’ve been thinking a lot about 1916 Commemorations and what exactly to do with my class. As a school we are organising a huge event and everyone is involved with dancing, exhibitions, dramas, songs, dressing up, projects etc.

I’ve decided to focus on some key aspects of life in 1916 and will do 1/2 lessons on the Rising itself.



There are tons of photos available. Here is a link to the National Library flikr page which shows the aftermath of the 1916 Rising.


  • 1916 – Sackville Street.
  • Use Google Mapsto show O’Connell Street today. Children can compare and contrast the images.


  • Look at pictures from 1916.
  • Compare and contrast pictures showing the clothing then and now
  • Compare the clothing between rich and poor people during 1916



Children can focus on families/individual people of 1916 and research their lives. They can imagine themselves as these people and write diary entries from their viewpoints.


  • The week of the rising
  • The events leading up to the rising
  • The aftermath of the rising

Children could sequence key events using pictures/ sentences.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.32.27

Twinkl Resource

Newspaper Reports

Children can write ‘newspaper’ reports detailing key events of the rising.


  • Children can dramatise different scenes of the time. (Tenement house/ middle class house/ shop etc.)
  • Each group could dramatise 1 day of the rising.
  • Use of still images/ conscience alley (interviewing ordinary people/ those involved).


Construct key buildings using recyclable materials.


Image source

Research projects

Ask children to research different aspects of the rising using books from the library, and the internet. Each group could look at different parts of the rising focusing on the lives of the people at the time. (Some ideas; Tenements, Middle Class household, childrens toys and games, leaders of 1916, each day of the rising)


  • This week we are learning ‘Grace’ (Wolfe Tones) (Song with lyrics)
  • Wayfarer (Patrick Pearse)
  • The Mother (Patrick Pearse)


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