2 Page Cuntas Míosúil?!?!?

I recently wrote a blogpost where I mentioned that my cuntas míosúil is 2 pages in length and I received countless messages, emails, texts from friends and colleagues in other parts of the country wondering how this was possible so I’m sharing it here in this blogpost.

An important thing to note however is that this is not Department of Education approved and I’m sure some inspectors would prefer reams of paper for planning but this is what works for me and my termly plans are very detailed with all the strands and strand units etc.

For my cuntas míosúil – I have this two page document but recently I’ve actually decided to just use my fortnightly plan (same format) and tick what has been covered – then staple the two fortnightlies together and use as my cuntas míosúil so technically it will be a 4 page document but will save me the work of creating a separate cuntas míosúil every month.


I suppose my main reason for moving away from my original 14-16 page document is because that document was of no use to me in my day to day teaching. I had to flick through lots of pages to get to the subject I wanted and then spend more time trying to decipher the strands and strand units and figure out exactly what I had planned. As well as this it was a lengthy process – I am one of the odd individuals who actually enjoys planning but this fortnightly task filled me with dread.

So here it is!

I think it is important to note that this is an extremely basic document – 2 a4 pages with a box for each subject. Within each subject I include what we will be covering – sometimes this may include the name of a story or comprehension, the exact times tables facts, but mostly it will say History – 1916 (and sometimes I include 3/4 things we will cover so for example it might be key event (timeline), key figures.)

Now I can simply glance at the document and quickly see what we will be covering. I keep a copy on my desk (in a plastic pocket) and tick it as it is completed.

This is a sample of mine from September (I use the planning glance sheets which are available as part of my termly plans for 5th class as my cuntas míosúil and I divide out the topics between two weeks for my fortnightly plans)

Overall I think its important to note that this template is NOT approved by the DES but like I said in a previous blogpost – if you can justify it you should do it! (I think paperwork needs to be user friendly and actually useable rather than a pretty document for a pretty folder!)