Happy New Year

New Years Eve is here – which means in less than 6 hours it will be the start of 2017. So in this post I’m hoping to look back on 2016 and share some of the new things that will be happening in 2017 with Irish Primary Teacher.


I was looking back over photographs from the year the other day and it really has been a great year. I love travelling and seeing different places so my highlights included New York, Rome, Florence, Milan and Brighton and I’m hoping for lots more trips in 2017. As well as that I was granted CID in my school – which is great security for the future. The blog has gone from strength to strength throughout the year and I was thrilled to be included in Feedspots top 100 teaching blogs and top 10 primary teaching blogs on the internet!

And the not so good…

On the day we got our summer holidays – I deleted the blog by mistake and I was devastated – so much work was gone and couldn’t be retrieved. I debated whether it was worth all the time/effort to rebuild the site and decided to do it. Thankfully we managed to get some of it down from cached versions on the internet. It was definitely a massive learning point and I now have everything backed up and know to ask and make sure I know what I’m doing before pressing silly buttons.

Goals for 2017

Health and Fitness; I joined a new gym just before Christmas. My best friend is getting married next December so thats a great motivation to get fit this year! I’m also glad that I joined before Christmas because I’m not terrified about starting from scratch now in January!

Music; I’m hoping to complete Grade 2/3 this year in Piano and to continue playing violin too!

Holidays; I’m hoping to go on two trips abroad this year – hopefully one over the Easter holidays and maybe another during the summer.

IPT in 2017

I’m hoping to make some small changes to the blog in 2017. Some of these include;

Teacher tip Tuesday/Thursday

I’m hoping to write a blogpost every Tuesday/Thursday (might vary) with a tip for saving time/ organising resources/ lesson ideas etc.


Guest Blog Posts

I will be starting a series of guest blog posts over the next few weeks. If you would like to write a guest blog post; please email niamh@irishprimaryteacher.ie – blog posts could be about anything teaching related from lesson ideas to tips for organising resources or about your experience as a teacher (particularly interested if you are working abroad/ working in a special ed setting etc.)

The first series will be from a student teacher who is beginning a 10 week placement in January.


I’m in the middle of making some new resources for the IPT store and hopefully will be able to upload these in the coming weeks. I’m hoping to make at least 2 resources a month so if you have any ideas/requests please email me.

Overall, I’m hoping that 2017 will be another great year! Thank you for following IPT in 2016 and I hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you!

Niamh x

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