2D Shapes

2D shapes is one area of the Maths curriculum that confuses me. While I love Maths – shape and space is not a topic that I particularly enjoy. I find that children often find it quite irrelevant and sometimes boring. We haven’t covered the topic yet so I’ve created this resource to use in my classroom.

I’ve used a fun clipart with faces on each 2D shapes (from Krista Wallden on Teachers Pay Teachers) and I’ve given names to each of the shapes. I think this will add a fun element to the topic. There is an option for the shape and name or the shape and name (with alliteration).









There is also a description page for each shape.


There is a set of worksheets with the image of the shape and a space to write the name of the shape (with and without a word bank).

There is a set of worksheets focussing on the name, number of sides and angles as well as other options including parallel lines and right angles and also lines of symmetry and types of angles.

2D Shape What Am I?


(Both Comic Sans and Font shown above is available)