I’ve received a number of messages from people looking for some ideas for Maths Week 2015.

Maths Week will take place from 10th – 18th October.

You can find lots of information here.


Some ideas;

All about me

figure me out

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  • Children write facts about themselves using maths. (I am 8+2, I have 5-3 brothers and 6-4 sisters. My house has 14/2 rooms) etc.


All about my school

  • Children write different facts about their school using maths. (There are 5+9 teachers, school was built over 246 years ago. etc.)

Maths Trails

These are super and can be done both inside and outside the school. These can be linked with many strands and strand units across the Maths curriculum.

PDST have some fantastic ideas!

Heres a sample one from Seomra Ranga.


Children can collect information about their families, friends, classmates and show this information using bar charts/pie charts/ graphs etc.

Maths Quiz

Children can design individual maths quizzes based on what they have learned so far this year. They can swap these with their partners or with another group.

Link with P.E.

  • Estimate the distance you can throw the ball/jump/run in 5 seconds etc.
  • Measure the distance and see if you made a good estimate.