A day in the life

Someone asked me yesterday how I manage to fit everything in. Heres a quick overview of my day:

I usually get up at 6.15am and leave the house by 7/7.05am. I get to work by 8.10 at the latest and spend the next while organising myself for the day. At 8.35/8.40 I go and get tea in the staffroom and collect the children at 8.50. At the end of the day I spend about 15 mins tidying the room, doing photocopying, laminating, correcting copies etc. I leave school at 3.15/3.30 and get to the gym by 4/4.30 (as much as possible). Usually I aim to be home by 5/5.30 where I make dinner, finish school stuff and do some blogging. I make lunches the night before (when I remember). I try to be finished everything before 9 so I can sit down and relax for the rest of the night. This pretty much leaves my weekends free other than a little bit of blogging and a small amount of planning.

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