A quick look back at the first half term

Its November 1st as I’m sitting down to write this blogpost. I spent the day in Kildare Village today which was really lovely. I love wandering around the shops especially Cath Kidston, Joules, Molton Brown and Kate Spade. There is also a new Orla Kiely shop which is cute! I haven’t spent any time doing school work or even thinking about school if I’m honest I was exhausted after the first 6 weeks so I’ve spent the last few days catching up on sleep and relaxing. But tonight, I decided to do a quick look back at the first term and share some of the things that worked well and some things that I need to change for the next term. I find the blog is a great way for me to reflect and reassess what works or what needs to change slightly.

I love this polka dot bags from Cath Kidston in Kildare Village!

Back in the Classroom

I love being back in the classroom, although I found the first few weeks tricky to get used to how busy things are and how organised I needed to be for everything to run smoothly.  I think I have most of my procedures well set up at this stage but there are a few that need to be changed slightly – one of the main things I want to change after midterm is the first 5-10 minutes in the morning; I’m not sure what exactly to do but maybe work on their times tables/meditation/free writing – I’ll think more about it over the next few days and try a few things next week and see what works best.


For transitions I’ve been using Go Noodle a lot. I hadn’t used it much before this year but we’re aiming for an Active Flag this year so I’ve been trying to have as many active transitions/brain breaks throughout the day as possible. There are a few great videos that the children enjoy and there are also a few that are a bit ‘silly’ that they don’t like at all! I’ve saved a few of my favourites on my Go Noodle account so we use them quickly.

At the beginning of the term, we went outside 2/3 times a week for the ‘Run Around Europe’ Challenge which was really great!

Classroom Management

At the beginning of the term, I was using Class Dojo for everything and it worked really well. We had a whole class ‘Talent Show’ when we reached 1500 points as a class and individual rewards such as changing avatar (50 points) choosing a song for art (75 points) and a homework pass (100 points). I found in the last two weeks I kind of forgot to use Class Dojo so I’m hoping to get back to it more after midterm!

Station Teaching

Station teaching was something I had hoped to do a lot of this year but so far I haven’t done as much as I wanted. This is mainly because I spent the last few weeks getting to know the children and assessing where they are at in different subjects and setting up class routines. Every Friday we had ‘Oral Language’ stations which worked really well so I’ll introduce at least 1 more literacy and at least 1 day of maths stations next term.

Irish Primary Teacher

Irish Primary Teacher is busier than ever and I’ve found over the last few weeks that I don’t have enough time to give it so unfortunately it has to take a bit of a back seat during the week and if I get time I try to write a blogpost at the week. I’ve received lots of emails from lovely businesses about reviewing products and I will have a few reviews and competitions coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’m currently trying out some of the products in my own classroom so I’ll share all the information once I’m sure that I’m happy to recommend them. All reviews are 100% honest and I only review products that I really like myself. I’ve also received a lot of messages and emails from teachers – I usually try to get back to people within 2/3 days but this is not always possible and sometimes I miss messages so if you haven’t heard back from me please resend your message/email and I’ll try to get back to you asap!

‘Me’ Time

I like to be involved in things that are going on in school and I tend to volunteer for more things than I can actually manage. This term, I got involved in too many things and found that I was getting a little stressed/overwhelmed – it meant I didn’t have as much time for going to the gym or blogging so I’ll try to work on that over the next term.

What worked well for you this term? What will you change next term?




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  1. I used table champions with my 5th class last year for the first 10 mins of class. I set a timer and they had ten minutes to complete. We ended up reducing the time to 7 minutes after time because they became quicker at it

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