Abair liom (folens new Irish programme)

Tonight I attented the launch of Folens new Irish programme- Abair Liom.

It is a fun, contemporary, engaging new programme which includes stories, songs, poems, and puppets (which the children love).

Children can relate to the characters and the situations- ar scoil, sa Bhaile etc. Games on the interactive whiteboard are fun and active. Activities in the children’s books are not just a colouring book but require the children to use their oral and aural skills.

The interactive element of the programme is also excellent. There are many different modes including; Explore Mode, Vocabulary Mode and Story Mode. 

There are other sections which include questions, games, stories, poems and songs. The digital programme is very interactive and children can be active in their learning. 

Parents section on the folens website is fantastic for reinforcing the home school link. They can view the lesson vocabulary and phrases and listen to how to say it correctly! 
The teaching manual is very teacher friendly. It is structured on a day to day basis with lots of different activities to choose from and is therefore very flexible. There is a weekly plan as well as detailed lesson plans with a step by step guide for each stage of the lesson. 
 Scéim Bliana – Yearly Plans
Sample lesson plans; 

There is an explanation section for each of the resources and games available on the Abair Liom. There are lots of different ideas for games and resources.

Flash cards are bright and colourful- useful when playing the games and for reinforcement. 
There are also beautifully designed fairy tale cards- great as a visual reminder, for sequencing or for drama.
CDs are included with songs and poems (these are also available on the digital resource) 

Puppets – for junior and senior infants. 
Digital resource includes;
Interactive Poster
Songs and poems 
3rd- 6th class will be coming next september! 
There are no additional charges/yearly costs. 
You can find further information from – Abair Liom from Folens

3 thoughts on “Abair liom (folens new Irish programme)

  1. Hello. I am looking for the Abair Liom 5. But I cannot find it any where. Are you aware if it can be got any where.
    Regard Noreen

    1. Abair liom isn’t currently available for 5th and 6th class as far as I know. Junior infants to 2nd class was released last year and 3rd and 4th this year. Think 5th and 6th will be released next year. Niamh

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