Abair Liom for 3rd Class


Last Monday, I attended the annual Folens book launch. This year the main focus was on Abair Liom for 3rd and 4th class.


Ó Sé Family –

The children are introduced to the family in Junior Infants and the family get older with the children. (e.g. When the children are in 3rd class so too are Seán and Síofra) Immediately the children are interested as the characters are like them.



The books are colourful and interesting. Each theme has a 2 page picture at the beginning which shows key vocabulary and phrases that will be used throughout the unit of work. The stories are funny and interesting. The children can relate to what is happening in the stories as they have shared these experiences too. There is a Comhrá section so the children can practice answering and asking questions based on the theme. There are many different activities to cover each week covering each of the curriculum objectives. Grammar and spelling are also covered in each theme.  There are different poems and songs within each theme. There is also a selection of legends/fairy tales.

Picture – at the beginning of each theme




Story – Lá sa Pháirc and questions based on the story


Digital Resources

The interactive material through Folens Online.  It is fully integrated with the textbook and has games, posters, questions and activities available.

Story Mode                                                                         Vocab Mode

Question mode                                                                Conversations

al5 al6

Ready Made Resources

Ready made resources/activities – everything you need is available including songs and poems so you don’t have to search through hundreds of textbooks/on the internet to find a suitable song/poem for the topic you are covering.



The planning is excellent. It is expertly laid out for each week with;

  • Sonar an cheachta
  • Feidhmeanna teanga
  • Briathra
  • Eiseamláirí
  • Nathanna
  • Amhráin agus Dán

It then goes through the 4 strands and lists the activities which tie in to each

  • Éisteacht
  • Labhairt
  • Léitheoireacht
  • Scríbhneoireacht

al7 al8

I also really like the Assessment Tick Sheet.

Overall I really like the programme. Have you been using it from Junior Infants to 2nd class – what is your opinion?

One thought on “Abair Liom for 3rd Class

  1. Abair Liom is all gloss and little imagination. The stories are dissapointing, fail to engage pupils’ interest, and are also guilty of no small amount of gender stereotyping (Daddy wolfing his spuds and steak while mummy munches on salad to keep her figure etc). I was hoping for a lot from this programme, but there is little to really engage pupils, and the stories are as dull and plodding as the ones I did when I was at school (many moons ago). The language for third class is very dense and overbearing and is pitched quite a bit higher than where they should be.

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