This link popped up on my Facebook page the other day so I had a quick browse and decided it would be a nice lesson. We are currently covering the strand of drawing so this lesson was perfect.

I showed the children some of the pictures from the above link.

monster1 monster2 monster3 monster 4


The children were really excited to see the images and found most of them quite funny. It was a perfect starting point for the lesson. Next I had a selection of vehicles/ tools cut out from magazines and newspapers. We talked about where would be best for the picture to be positioned on the page. (I also left the newspapers/magazines at the back of the room so the children could choose different images instead.)

Next the children started drawing using their pencils. Most children started with their monster.


Extra details were then added to make the picture more effective.


monster 6

Overall this was such a fun art lesson and each piece turned out completely differently to any others!