A follower was looking for some ideas for after school activities/ clubs that they could set up in their school, so here are a few ideas; if you have any more comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

Arts Education

Art club/craft club – the children can do arts/crafts after school- they could work on individual projects/pieces or a collaborative piece.

Grúpa Trad – a group of children that play instruments and come together to play traditional music together. (It usually works better if children attend lessons outside of school too!) The grúpa could play at mass/gatherings throughout the year.

Tin whistle club – this was a new club we set up in our school this year. Some teachers teach tin whistle to their classes so their parents wanted them to continue with tin whistle this year. It’s a good instrument to teach – especially to a large group and theres tons of good books available with a step by step guide. I completed the CPD College training two summers ago and really enjoyed it!

Choir – children can sing together. They could learn popular songs, songs from musicals/movies, hymns, folk songs etc. Here are some suggestions. The children could perform at school events/ school mass etc.

Drama club – this could be drama games, confidence building activities, co-operative games or the children could put on a play/drama.


This can be dependent on what facilities are available. Is there a school hall? Is there a yard/astro turf/ courts/ fields to use? What will happen when the weather is bad? What equipment is available? Is there enough balls? Is there a pump (if the balls are flat)? Is there enough supervision – child to teacher ratio?

Basketball, football, gaelic football, hurling, camogie, tennis, badminton or a sports camp with different sports/games could also be an option.


Reading club – the children could read the same book together and discuss what they like/dislike or what they think might happen next or the children could bring their favourite book and give a review on why they like it.

Writing club – children could write stories, poems, songs and share them with the group and get advice/support from the teacher. There are lots of different writing competitions such as Write a Book that the children could be involved with.

Debating club – lots of motions from Seomra Ranga here. Children could compete against different schools in the surrounding area. (Information here from Concern)


Maths club – children with a particular interest in maths can work on tricky maths problems/ brain teasers and problem solving.


Chess club – children can learn how to play chess. There is a chess workshop for teachers being run in Blackrock Education Centre over the next few weeks. Further information here.

Quiz team – many organisations such as the Credit Union organise quizzes for primary pupils. Usually information is sent to schools about these quizzes.

Homework club – children can complete their homework with teachers to support them if needed.

Gaeilge – children could do oral language activities/sport/music/ baking through Irish.

Cookery/Baking club – children could learn to bake/cook.

Lego – children

I think if you have a particular interest/talent in something and want to set up an after school/lunch time club then go for it! Initially organise it for 4-6 weeks (up until a mid-term) and then you can decide if there is enough interest to continue.