Aims for the new term

I try to set new aims or goals at the start of each term. I find this helps me to stay focused and to improve on things from before. Often we wait until the new year to set goals but as teachers our year is broken up into different terms so we have lots of chances to set new goals.

Most of the goals are the same and I’ve probably shared them before but its good to review what has worked and what still needs to be accomplished this term!



  • Clean desk at end of every day and put everything back where it belongs
  • Complete weekly planning by Friday evening
  • Try to get all work completed in school
  • Leave at 3.30pm at least 3 days per week!



  • 3x posts per week
  • Switch off at 8.30pm
  • Make more resources



  • Practice the piano for 30 mins a day (5 days a week)
  • Practice the violin for 20 mins (3 times a week)
  • Exercise – walks, HIIT sessions, swimming
  • Positivity jar – I’m hoping to start a ‘positivity jar’ where I’ll write down all the good things that have happened. (I haven’t decided whether to use a notebook or a jar yet!)



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